Armed suspect in foiled Coomacka robbery attempt caught by Police

Swift response by the police resulted in the apprehension of a male suspect who was earlier relieved of a shotgun during his attempts to rob a resident of Coomacka Mines, Demerara River, Region 10.
Police public relations and press officer, Superintendent Jairam Ramlakhan in a released statement said that their investigations revealed that  about 21:00hrs on Sunday, the victim, 67-year-old Stanley Coachman, had just closed his shop and ventured out into the yard to close the front gate when he was pounced upon by the suspect who was armed with a shotgun.
The suspect immediately struck Coachman on his head with the gun and demanded cash. An alarm was raised by Coachman and his son-in-law responded.
According to the Police, they subdued the suspect and took possession of his firearm and four live cartridges but he managed to escape into the dark.
The firearm and cartridges were immediately handed over to the Police at the Mackenzie Police station and a report was lodged. Based on the description of the suspect, the ranks proceeded to the suspect’s home in the said community and arrested him. A small quantity of cannabis was found in his possession.
Investigations are ongoing.


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