Armed robbery suspect swallows lighter head whilst in police lockups


A 28-year-old armed robbery suspect is currently a patient at the New Amsterdam Public Hospital after he reportedly swallowed a razor blade whilst in the Reliance Police Station lock-up.

The incident occurred on Thursday.

Police said that the man was brought to the Reliance Magistrates Court to answer the charge laid against him.

He was then placed in the lockups later in the day, awaiting to be transported to the New Amsterdam Prison.

At 15:25hrs, another prisoner called out saying “officer this boy swallow a razor blade.”

Police found the suspect lying on the ground. He was then escorted to New Amsterdam Public Hospital where an X-ray was conducted.

The suspect then related to the doctor that he swallowed a part of a lighter head.

He was treated for vomiting and is presently admitted a patient under observation and guard.