Armed men terrorize Berbice mother, children

The injured Miriam Hoosain
The injured Miriam Hoosain
The injured Miriam Hoosain

[] – Bandits on Tuesday morning (November 03) invaded a Bath Settlement, West Coast Berbice home and attempted to rob a woman.

However, the victim was able to escape and raise an alarm, resulting in the gun carrying men to abandon their plan.

Miriam Hoosain, the victim, also suffered several blows to her head as one of the bandits tried to keep her quiet. She told iNews that the men took the gun and hit her on her face after she tried to sound an alarm. Hoosain recalled that the men threatened to kill her if she did not stay quiet.

The woman noted after she was attacked, she lost consciousness for a bit and then woke up in the kitchen, where she managed to overpower the lone gunman who kept watch on her.

The woman said she ran to her neighbour’s house and alerted them of the situation. The unmasked bandits, after hearing the woman screaming “thief! thief!” quickly escaped without taking any valuables from the home.

Meanwhile, the woman said while she was under attack by one of the robbers, another was upstairs searching the house and tormenting her two children – aged 11 and 6 – asking them where their mother’s room is located.

The early morning robbery occurred sometime around 6:00 hrs, when Hoosain was in her hammock relaxing, after seeing her husband off to work.

No arrest has been made as yet and police investigations are continuing.




  1. So what is that JHAAT doing to curb this escalating crime rate????? Guess he is too busy filling his pockets with that 50% pay hike and changing Hindu Hoildays. Shame on him.

    Hat’s off to this brave lady.

  2. Shame on the administration unable to stop few bandits terrorizing innocent citizens and you guys enjoying tax payers money and big hikes. No 2 AM curfew will solve this. No police force can stop the bandits.

    Eliminate them by forming a patriot anti bandit force. Just encounters no court. Our President will pardon the criminals. Please recruit able honest and brave officers to this squad and arm them with modern weapons and armed vehicles, Provide them special intelligence back up. Kill the bandits at their home, town and hideouts.

    No political solution for crime. Criminals need to be eliminated. Intelligence and police have information about them but they are scared to act. We need brave people and a special cell and just eliminate every single criminal.

  3. Eddie HATS off to you,only a all out effort by all law abiding citizens to take a strong stance and demand O tolerance on crime,enough is enough,,this is not a political problem its our problem,lets all stand up and make our demands to the law enforcement agencies,

  4. The Minister of National Security MUST GO NOW!!!!!!1that is the only solution, the only thing he can do is to CHANGE the HINDU HOLIDAY to satisfy his CABAL group

  5. this problem will be solved when we as Guyanese decided that it is enough stop blaming the PPP or the present government this is an epidemic that need the full support of the entire nation if we put politic aside and go full frontal on this guess who will win let not make the politician play game with our welfare

  6. People work so hard to get what they want and they robbers demandingCrime is out of control. When the PPP was in power they got all the blame now who is to be blamed for this.
    Something has to be done not safe on the streets nor yoir own home.


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