Armed men storm Montrose House, engaged in shootout with police

The house where the robbery took place. [iNews' Photo]

By Kurt Campbell

The ransacked house. [iNews' Photo]
The ransacked house. [iNews’ Photo]
Gunfire exchange between police and armed bandits at Montrose, East Coast Demerara on Tuesday night (September 10) ended without anyone sustaining injuries.

The police was at the time responding to a robbery at a house on the Railway Embankment when the bandits opened fire which sparked reciprocal action by the police.

Reports indicate that the bandits entered the house which also houses the base for a taxi service minutes after the owner, Babita Narine had left to go to the gas station.

The armed bandits reportedly took the drivers who were in the yard at the time inside the house where the woman’s two daughters were. The bandits reportedly caught one of the girls who is said to be 19 years, while the other one managed to run and hide.

The petrified 23-  Year – old told reporters that while in hiding, she was able to see the face of one of the three men who had entered the house. She claimed the men ransacked the house while also trying to find her.

Owner, Babita Narine
Owner, Babita Narine

Meanwhile, Babita Narine who was at the gas station at the time said she received a call from one of the taxi drivers informing her that gunmen were in the house. She said, she immediately got scared for her children’s life but managed to call police and got to her residence.

“About two minutes after I reach  home, the police got here,” she said. It was at this time that the daughter who was in hiding shouted and ran out of the house, sparking the swift exchange of fire between the police and the bandits.

The three gunmen however made their escape aback the house into a nearby housing scheme. Narine said the bandits got away with approximately $400,000 cash along with $350,000 worth in jewelry.



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