Armed bandits rob Sleepin Hotel


Three gunmen carried out a brazen robbery earlier this evening at the Sleepin hotel located on 151 Church Street, Georgetown carting off with $100,000 in cash.

Two of the bandits caught on the surveillance cameras
Two of the bandits caught on the surveillance cameras

The incident reportedly occurred at around 19:30hrs. Surveillance footage showed that one of the men, who arrived at the hotel in a silver Toyota Allion motorcar, entered and made enquires at the front desk. He then took out his cell phone and sent a text, at which time, another man barged in and pointed a gun at the receptionist and another male employee, forcing the man to face the wall. The male employee was told that if he did not comply, he would be shot.

The first burglar then attacked the receptionist and ordered her to hand over the money, to which she complied. After receiving the money, they then casually walked out the front entrance, entered the parked car and made good their escape.

Clifton Bacchus the owner of the hotel said that he had just left the hotel when he received a call detailing what had transpired.

Bacchus said that he was told that two men entered the hotel, ‘stick up’ the receptionist and took the money before escaping.

According to surveillance footage, the robbery took less than five minutes.

The matter was reported to the police and an investigation has been launched.


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