Armed bandits rob local exporter of $2.9M cash near Police station


In the midst of the Guyana Police Force declaring a 19 per cent decrease in serious crimes, a popular exporter was robbed early Tuesday morning near the Ruimveldt Police Station.
Reports indicate that businessman Doodnauth, also known as “Mango man” was held at gunpoint at about 10:45hrs in the morning obliquely opposite the Ruimveldt Police Station.
According to the businessman, he was relieved of $2.9 million in cash and believed that the gunmen followed him from a local city bank.
According to a report in today’s Guyana Times, the man said he  and his wife went to a city bank on Robb Street and while on their way home, they stopped at a store near the Ruimveldt Police Station.
It was during this stop that the gunmen pounced on them.
According to Doodnauth, he was hesitant at first to hand over his bag but the bandits punched him and then grabbed the bag containing the cash and other important documents.
An eyewitness told this newspaper that the businessman’s wife, who is a frequent customer at the store, went into the shop and left her husband in the car.
“The female occupant of the car entered the store while the man remained in the vehicle when two men approached the car. The entire scene lasted roughly 30 seconds,” the eyewitness recalled.
The two men, who were described as “tall and of African descent” then made their escape in a white Toyota car.
They were both wearing striped T-shirts and short pants.
The incident was reported to the Police and an investigation was launched.


  1. Hmmmm, does the Guyana Police really know the difference between up and down? Look where the robery took place and they have not seen a thing! So, you are telling me in this day and age there is not even a security camera on the streets and especially by the police. So you see if people could get rob right next to the police station and the bandits gone free tell me how they arrived at a 19% decrease in crime? I think that is the 19% of bandits they catch from the 100% that committed crime so far and they just flip the report to tell the public crime has decreased.


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