Armed bandits rob Guyana Lands and Survey Commission


Armed gunmen this morning staged a brazen robbery at the Guyana Lands and Survey Commission in Durban Backlands, Georgetown.

According to so far unconfirmed reports, two gunmen walked into the guarded compound of the Commission and held up the cashier in the main building, escaping with  over $1M in cash.

Police are investigating. INews will bring you more details as they become available.



  1. Inews all I said in my post inside job–another media reporting this morning inside job..bandits just cant rob places like this just like that..remember how many times i said that same lands and survey office back in 89 pnc time there was a likkle pnc gurl woking there who could not spell “hundred”???? she said ” oswall oswall the guy next to her ” is how fuh spell hundrud again???? because she wrote hunhrud on a recipt and give me and i pointed to her her mistake..then i realize she didnt know how to spell hundred when she asked oswald..those are the people pnc hired back then and are doing so again who in collusion with bandits..

  2. Criminals in Guyana are totally out of control!!! Imagine in Guyana one is not safe at his or her home neither at their place of work because these brazen criminals are storming into their homes robbing and even killing them, at work they are being held up and robbed in broad daylight! Where are the security Guards at these government places? Tell me how is it that these criminals are doing these daring robberies at the bank, now at this government office? Where are the security cameras? Is the government seeing what is happening? Investors will be turned off from the country! Overseas based Guyanese will not return there, crime is totally out of control in Guyana. Parents needs to stop breeding children who are on the wrong side of the law and report them, for with this behaviour the country will go down. Come on Mr. President, get the American law enforcement in Guyana to deal with those guys and their parents who are encouraging their criminal behaviour.
    I am so appalled at the crime level in Guyana, for one is not safe at home neither at work. It looks like God might as well swallow the whole country under the sea and start a new Guyana as what happened with Port Royal.

  3. This is got to be the most inefficient Home Affairs Minister ever. I gather his eyes are too crooked to visualized that crime is out of control. Closing bars at 2:00 AM is not enough to be a solution to the rising crime rate. As a matter of fact, individuals going out to bars/clubs aren’t criminals. They are just out to enjoy the night with friends or family. Ram-Goat needs to do better or get out.

  4. Ramjattan is so quiet he is not saying a word regarding the crime situation in Guyana. I thought he had all the answers

  5. Nah nah nah this is organised crime. Seelall lets tackle this and get to the master of minds who have this criminal operation enforced.


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