Armed bandits rob driver at Foulis


Two armed bandits on Friday robbed a driver attached to R. Kissoon Contracting Services on the East Coast of Demerara.

The robbery occurred sometime around 11:20h outside the business at 17 Street Foulis, ECD location.

The victim, Moniram Persaud was relieved of his Samsung cell phone Valued $50,000, one gold ring valued $60,000 and two excavator filter valued $30,000.

Persaud was in motor vehicle PHH 3399 and had just pulled up outside the location, which is a bond, when he was attacked.

Police said the driver was in the process of handing over some spare parts when two identifiable makes came from the eastern direction on the left passenger side of the vehicle.

The pillion rider alighted the black XR motorcycle, took out a black handgun from a bucket, discharged a round into the air and demanded that Moniram hand over cash.

The suspect then searched the vehicle and relieved Moniram of the mentioned articles.

Thereafter he mounted the cycle and they made good their escape.

The matter was reported to Enmore Police Station. Checks were made for the suspects but they were not contacted.