Armed bandits rob businessman of $500,000 cash, quantity of colognes


* also relieved him of his licensed firearm

Police are investigating an armed robbery committed on 59-year-old Lennox Albert and his 68-year-old wife Verna Albert which occurred about 20:00hrs last night at Nouvelle Flanders Village, West Coast Demerara.
According to a Police report, the robbery was carried out by “two identifiable males, one armed with a handgun”, of $500,000 cash and a quantity of colognes. In the process Lennox Albert was relieved of his licensed .32 pistol with five rounds.
Investigations revealed that the victims who operate a shop were in the process of closing the business, when they were attacked, and relieved of their belongings. The bandits who escaped on foot, have not yet been apprehended.


  1. We need to form more neighborhood watch. These bandits have their eyes and ears open . They are watching our every move. We should have each other telephone numbers to alert one another of any stranger in the neighborhood. Cut down trees, so that people passing can see you. Wear minimal jewelry. Do not go to the bank alone.


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