Armed bandits rob, assault Corentyne family – residents slam Police for taking too long to respond


A Corentyne, Berbice businessman and his family were on Wednesday evening brutalised by five bandits who stormed their home, and in the process carting off cash and other valuables.

Reports are that five men, three of whom were armed with guns and two with cutlasses, went to Chill Grocery and Parlour situated at Lot 195 Nigg, about one mile off the Corentyne Highway and carried out the brutal attack on businessman Mandeshwal “Chill” Kamalall and his family.

INJURED: Mandeshwal “Chill” Kamalall and his wife Dharma Kamalall
INJURED: Mandeshwal “Chill” Kamalall and his wife Dharma Kamalall

Kamalall explained that the attack happened just as he was about to close for the day. He said he was lashed with a cutlass and put to lie on the ground. Two bandits stood guard, while the others went into the shop where his wife Dharma was, with their two children ages 3 and 12 years old.

“…they put the gun pon me and knock me in me head and in me face. And then they start demand fo money, an Ah tell them Ah gon give you.”

The businessman’s wife, Dharma Kamalall related that her three-year-old daughter was also assaulted and ‘chucked’ and threats were made to kill the child if she did not cooperate and take them into the upper flat of the building.
She noted that it was at that stage that her 12-year-old daughter pleaded with the masked men not to hurt her baby sister or kill her mother.

The bandits did not pursue their request to enter the residential section of the two-storey building, and escaped on bicycles with the day’s sales ($60,000); $35,000 which Kamalall had in his pockets, two cellular phones valued at $85,000; $30,000 in phone cards and $35,000 worth of cigarettes.

Kamalall said shortly after the men fled, he made contact with the Albion Police Station, but was told no vehicle patrol was available to respond to his report.

Police reportedly arrived some 30 minutes later.
Kamalall sustained injuries to his back and face, while his wife had injuries to her head from being gun butted.

Meanwhile, one resident, Michael Ishmael said residents of the community have not been receiving police assistance in a timely manner.
“There are many nights we call the police station at Albion and we get no response from them. We complain of guys liming in the dark spots in the front streets and just timing people when they coming in. When you call the Albion Police Station, they tell you they sending the patrol, they don’t send no patrol; you will be looking out from your window and there is no patrol and many times people getting robbed in the street, not only in their house but in the street people getting rob too.”

The media had published several reports reflecting a lack of response from the Albion Police Station.

Albion is part of the Nigg community.
No arrests have been made in relation to Wednesday’s night robbery.

Police are investigating the matter.


  1. Often the action of the police leaves many question and speculation as weather the police plays a part of the robbery.
    I cearly recall many years ago after closing my business and went upstairs a strange vehicle stopped for hours infront of my premises with its occupants inside.My suspecion grew as hours went by close to midnight and the car was still there. Being scared i decided to call the station and was told a patrol vehicle is going to be dispatched immedaitly.As soon as i made that call the vehicle sped away. And the patrol took almost thirty minutes before it came while i lived less than two minutes away from the station.what are we to expect.


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