Armed bandits invade Port Mourant home


Police are investigating a robbery under arms committed on 53-year-old Parbattie Etwaroo, an overseas-based Guyanese; and her 33-year-old niece, Swarsattie Narain, a vendor, of Miss Phoebe, Port Mourant Village, Corentyne, Berbice.

Etwaroo, who is a Canadian citizen, was in the living room when she was confronted by a bandit armed with a handgun at around 08:00hrs on January 15.

In a statement released by the police today, it was explained that the bandit told Etwaroo not to move and then he hit her in the head with the gun.

He then took her to the bedroom and demanded that she hand over all her money and personal belongings.

The fearful woman complied with the bandit’s demands.

Meanwhile, a second perpetrator stood nearby and held the woman’s niece at knifepoint.

After retrieving the valuables, the bandits made good their escape on foot.

The family was robbed of some GY$50,000 in cash, some $500 in Canadian currency, several gold jewellery, and a Samsung Galaxy cellphone.