Armed bandits invade GTU’s compound, at least 5 robbed

GTU employees outside of the building after the robbery occurred
GTU employees outside of the building after the robbery occurred

At least five employees attached to the Guyana Teacher’s Union (GTU) were this afternoon robbed after armed bandits stormed their place of work.

Inews understands that at approximately 13:30hrs, two neatly dressed young men approached the security guard in the compound of GTU and politely informed her that they were there to see “Mr Baptiste.”
The security guard in turn sent them into the building. However, as soon as they entered, they reportedly whipped out their guns and demanded that everyone lie on the floor.
Coretta McDonald

“We were having a Property Management and Finance Committee meeting upstairs, and then I recognized one of our members, she was late for the meeting, but she came up and she was all in a frantic…and I was trying to find out what was happening with this young lady. And then I read her lips which was saying I just get robbed,” General Secretary of GTU, Coretta McDonald told Inews.

This online publication was told that the two men then proceeded to relieve the five employees from GTU of their jewelry, cell phones and hand bags. They then fled the scene in a white Premio motor car which was waiting outside.
“I look out the window and see the two young men running out the gate with the bags and they hopped into a white Premio,” McDonald recalled.
Moreover, it is being speculated that the young woman who was late to the company’s meeting was the main target since she indicated that she had just come from the bank. As such, it is believed that the men trailed her to her work place.
Additionally, officials from the Guyana Technical Institute recalled that they saw the two men arrive just behind the woman in a Premio motor car.
McDonald further called for tighter security, especially since according to her, there has been previous break-ins at GTU and other robberies executed in the area.
An investigation has been launched . (Ramona Luthi)


  1. Our guyanese living in America has no choice of coming home .ever day we are hearing of all these bad robbery. Murder.scamming. we all loved Our great Guyana but the New government need to stop crime make guyana great we need to bring friends from all over the world to visit but with this what’s going on its shame

  2. Hahaha the morons getting a dose of their own medicine APNU thugs on a roll mash coming up they need money for the cook up rice and beer.

  3. Security in the future must call the employees up to confirm they are indeed expecting guests. This Security needs more training . The Security needs a Log to record all the guests name .


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