Armed bandits invade grocery store at Rockstone


A 57-year-old businesswoman is left counting her losses after three armed men invaded her grocery store at the Rockstone Junction, Region Ten (Upper Demerara-Berbice).

The incident occurred at around 22:00hrs on Friday and the suspects remain at large.

The woman was robbed of five cellular phones with a total value of over $150,000; phone cards, and jewellery valued over $200,000.

Reports are that the woman and her grandson were in the shop when the suspects approached on two XR motorcycles which had no number plates.

One of the suspects, who is known to her, purchased a pack of cigarette and some beverages, after which, he returned to the other two accomplices.

They began to linger by the shop and smoked “weed”, police said.

Shortly afterwards, the businesswoman retired to her room. She told investigators that the suspects had ride off heading in the direction of Mabura.

But some 20 minutes later, her dogs began to bark, causing the grandson to arm himself with a cutlass and venture outside to investigate.

As he was making checks, he was accosted by one of the suspects who choked him and pointed a handgun to his head.

The two other armed suspects came out of the dark and took the grandson to the shop and told him not to make any noise.

The bandits then barged in and confronted the owner whom they told to lay down; she complied.

They then raided the building for valuables, after which, they made their escape.

The victim then raised an alarm and alerted a car driver who made efforts to apprehend the perpetrators, but those efforts proved futile.

Ranks from Mabura Police Outpost were summoned and they are currently out in the district making checks for the suspects.