Armed bandits caught by alert residents


– after they rob woman who had just withdrawn cash from bank

The Guyana Police Force has reported that, at about 14:00hrs today (Thursday), Marilyn Burning of Atlantic Ville, East Coast Demerara, was about to enter her home after transacting business at a bank in Georgetown, when she was attacked and held at gunpoint by two men, one of whom was armed with a handgun, and who had driven up on a motor cycle.

robberyPolice said the victim raised an alarm, but the men took away a bag with a sum of cash. As they were about to escape, neighbouring residents who had responded to the alarm, including two off-duty policemen, confronted the perpetrators and snatched away the stolen bag with the money which has been handed over to the police.

The two men then attempted to escape on the motor cycle but collided with a motor vehicle driven by a resident. They have been arrested and are in police custody.

A .32 Taurus pistol with 9 rounds was recovered by the police, who have also seized the motor cycle.





  1. They should have been shot dead when caught. There is no place for bandits in Guyana. Our society is suffering because of these bandits/killers..

  2. The way to go,take the fight to these cockroache criminals,CONGRATS to all those brave people.

  3. thieves are killers we need to get rid of this scourge by what ever means i sugest kill them on the spot then again the rese is setting them free


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