Armed bandits beat, rob Palmyra family


A New Amsterdam Market vendor was on Wednesday evening beaten along with her family and robbed of a quantity of jewellery at their Palmyra Village home.

According to reports, vendor Nadira Permaul was at her home along with her son Vijai, 28, and husband Tom Kissoon, 69, when three armed masked men entered their home. At the time Kissoon had just left the veranda to go into the house when the men entered.”

The injured Tom Kissoon
The injured Tom Kissoon

He walk in and leave the door open and all we see is three men welcoming themselves in the house,” Vijai said. The intruders jumped into the veranda and went through the open door, and immediately told Vijai not to move, while demanding cash and jewellery from the family.

One of the men held a gun to Nadira’s head while demanding that she take him to where their valuables were.

Tom was hit in the face and other parts of the head while Vijai got several gun butts. The men left with $500,000 worth in gold jewellery, $180,000 cash, one 18k diamond ring and two cellular phones. The incident occurred at about 19:45h.

Police were informed and responded. They have since been following several leads; however no arrests have been made as yet. (Andrew Carmichael)



  1. Too much crimes and it seems like it’s getting worse by the day. There should be harsh penalty for law breakers. They need to have their hands and feet broken in the public as a warning to the rest of their wicked friends. There should be more policing and the army should leave their barracks and patrol the streets at nights. Guyana needs to have a curfew from dusk to dawn. Bring back the death penalty and hang these bandits until they are lifeless….!
    This terror of hard working citizens should come to an end and immediately.
    What is the government doing???

  2. Do not worry INDIANS- Ramjattan is protecting you ALL! He is making you all work, pay high taxes and FEEs-Collect the money-give out welfare to the BANDITS while the ROB and terrorise you all at nights….This is the motto of the APNU+AFC….nothing else….


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