Armed bandits beat, rob Essequibo Coast family

The house where the robbery occurred

A family of Perseverance, Essequibo Coast is now traumatised after they were on Tuesday evening attacked and robbed by three armed and masked men who stormed their home.

The incident occurred around 22:00hrs when the three men attacked Gordon Williams and his family.

The men relieved the family of a quantity of jewellery, and local and foreign currency.

According to Williams, he was at home with his wife, Lorna, and two of his male relatives when the three bandits – one armed with a gun, one with a hammer and one with a crow bar – entered his home through the front door which was opened at the time.

As soon as the bandits entered, they started to beat him with the hammer and crow bar, demanding that he hand over the valuables.

The man reportedly kept his money and jewellery in a pouch. He recalled that the bandits tied his neck with tape and was choking him while demanding that he release the pouch containing the valuables.

The bandit with the gun held him and his family at gunpoint while the other two ransacked his home. The entire ordeal lasted one hour.

The armed man fired a single shot in the air before he and his accomplices made good their escape with the loot.

Williams said that during the robbery, one of the bandits kept saying that they must “leff Uncle Harry alone”. He concluded that the men must have known him very well to know how he stored his valuables and where to find it.

Williams also told this publication that he recently fired his maid after he discovered she had been stealing from him. The maid threatened to “settle” him and that has caused him to suspect that she may have been involved in the robbery.

He was admitted to the Suddie Public Hospital for treatment of his injuries, but later discharged.

The police have two suspects in custody pending further investigation.