Armed bandits beat, rob Berbice family, escape with cash, jewellery


An early morning home invasion has left Andrew DosRamos, 66, and his daughter, Kamlawattie DosRamos, 45, of Lot 5 Edinburgh Village, East Bank Berbice, severely traumatised.

The bandits, armed with at least one gun and a knife, forced their way into the home through a window in the toilet on the lower flat, and proceeded to beat and rob the family of cash, jewellery, foodstuff and a firearm.

The house that was robbed
The house that was robbed

The elderly man related that he was asleep at about 01:00h when the men entered the house. He was attacked first under the mosquito net. “Me lay down when they jump on me and pull down the netting, and I try to fight them back because is three of them and then with the netting wrap me up, I can’t do nothing,” DosRamos recounted.

The bandits stuffed his mouth with plastic, duct taped him, and then he was wrapped in the mosquito net. In being subdued, the man’s right arm was fractured. He was also stabbed in the back.

His daughter recounted that, although she was alerted that thieves were in the house, she could have done nothing to help her father. During the hour long ordeal she too was beaten.

She told INews that she heard the elderly DosRamos saying that thieves were in the house but before she could get out of bed she was confronted by one of the bandits, who choked her.

The unmasked man shone a torch in her face while demanding cash and jewellery. “He ask me where is my father shotgun and I tell he that my father have a gun but I don’t know what he does do with it. I tell them don’t kill us, tek all the jewellery in de draw…” she said.

One of the men, she explained, carried a, “long knife, an he threaten to kill me if a mek noise.”

She too was bound and gagged with duct tape and left to lie on the bed as the entire house was ransacked. Cash, jewellery, packaged food, several cans of paint and other valuables were taken away. The thieves also tumbled the car which was in the garage.

After about an hour, Kamlawattie felt convinced that the men were gone; she then rolled off the bed and crawled out of the room.

The traumatised woman explained, “Ah see meh father wrap up in the net like he dead, but I can’t do nothing because me hand and foot duct tape.”

The woman explained that she then called for help after removing the duct tape from her mouth, using the edge of the television stand.

“When the man come in the house and he lose out me father like he done dead because he can’t breathe… by the time we wake he up, I call me sister…”

DosRamos senior said after he regained consciousness and searched the house he discovered that his firearm was missing along with all of the ammunition. He was treated at the New Amsterdam Hospital.

Investigators subsequently discovered that the intruders gained entry to the yard by cutting a hole in the wire fence.

Investigations are ongoing.







  1. If Guyana president don’t have a plan to stop crime asp home invasion .robbing.killing why don’t he ask for help eg tougher rules longer jail sentences. More patrols .mobile cops in buissy areas


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