Are there more phone recordings? Inaction against AG may lead to public leak – sources


Attorney General and Legal Affairs Minister, Anil Nandlall. [iNews' Photo]
Attorney General and Legal Affairs Minister, Anil Nandlall. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – ‎There may be three dozens of more recordings involving several government ministers and public officials with reporters and among themselves.

iNews was reliably informed that some of these recordings might have been distributed to certain local and international entities for review and assessment.

The source could not disclose how the recordings were made; however, they were said to have been made over a prolonged period of time but “intensified in recent weeks.”

While not revealing the actual content of the recordings, the source noted that in some instances “these can be damning and politically embarrassing.”

The source went on to point out that several of these may become public “should the President and his Party fail to take action against Attorney General, Anil Nandlall regarding his conversation with senior reporter of the Kaieteur News Leonard Gildarie.”

The profanity laced recording between these two went viral last week, resulting in a police complaint being laid against the AG by Publisher of the newspaper, Glenn Lall.

Nandall, who is also the country’s Legal Affairs Minister, is accusing of making violent threats against the lives of Lall and his staff. The AG has since admitted to the conversation under the pretext that it was “manipulated” and that he was “illegally recorded.”

A wide cross section of society has already made calls for him to resign, including the joint Opposition and the Guyana Bar Association.

However, President Donald Ramotar made it clear that he will not fire Nandlall and instead chooses to stand behind him, stating that it is illegal to record anyone without their permission.

The President has refused to deal with the contents of the conversation.



  1. If the real free and Independent Media in Guyana dont speak up that what Glen Lall done by illegally tapping phone then playing it for public the next move he will make is to Film People in Compromising positions and show it to the world..What if the Sick Bana Lall go in the Gardens or on the Seawall and film people doing their little sneaky happy business? What if Glen Lall get in on the Hotels in Guyana like he did with almost every institutions in Guyana and Install Cameras rooms?
    Next up with be in your own home in your bedroom and you will have to remain silent..Dont put it past the snake because he wants his way or no way period..He does not give a ras who/m he hurt to get his way..The law should make sure he go back to selling bora..

  2. PNC would love for the entire PPP to resign and go away..
    PNC licking their chops and going mmmm mmmm mmmm since Jagdeo showed PNC there is one billing us in reserve..put pnc in power and within hours that reserve vanish without a trace..
    Let me put this in bold letter for all PNCItes..

  3. OK, so there are many more tape recordings.
    In essence many more times privacy were invaded and many more times the law was broken.
    Freedom of press do not mean that privacy can be invaded and violated by the press.
    I hope the IPA boss is taking note.
    Even if the AG is relieved, my bet is they will not be satisfied and stop there. They are going for the next and the next and whoever and his brother was recorded.
    This is blackmail and some serious trouble maybe brewing as we speak

  4. Inews poll::Do you think that the nature and content of AG Nandlall’s conversation with a Kaieteur News reporter supersedes the issue of legality/illegality of the recording?
    If the law says its illegal then you bet it is and must be upheld..
    If not every private convo will be taped by those how have the power and finances to black mail others they dont like or doing something they want them to do..
    Some reporters crossed the line in some cases..
    But then some politicians do cross the line but nothing happens to them.
    Things on tape recording is easy to be clipped..
    Let me give you one instance…OJ Simpson in a prison cell..
    OJ talking with his lawyer..OJ said to his lawyer ” every body thinks I Kill Nichole”
    The guard then clipped off the piece of recording where OJ said “every body thinks” the ears of the world now you will hear OJ saying “I kill Nichole”
    This is why no one must ever be able to tape any recordings..
    On the AG KN tape U can hear the AG clearly but muffled on the KN reporter part..
    NO….This should not be…If he was taping the convo then both voices must be clear on the tape if you will go public with the tape..

  5. u bet ur life on it that almost every institutions in Guyana is being bugged..
    the people will soon know how SN and KN does get the goods on PPP activities.
    since the jail break killing spree even the GDF and GPF was bugged in order to know when army and police going on raids…Bugging can mean informants inside these institutes as well..but the most amazing thing in all of this…GHRA-Red Thread-PNC-AFC-Guyana men and women Bar ass…the international press the local independent free press the Caribbean press all go in SLEEP MODE on certain issues in Guyana..I dont have to state those issues here ..

  6. The president stupid in the conversation the reporter told the ag that his calls are recorded and the the idiot said “na Glen and Guyana na gat that technology”
    So a sensebe judge will have to explain that to Gandalal.


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