Archery Guyana hosts successful year-end indoor recurve competition

Participants pose for a picture after the 1st part of the Indoor Recurve 2018 Championships
Participants pose for a picture after the 1st part of the Indoor Recurve 2018 Championships

On Sunday November 4, Archery Guyana held its first of four competitions to end the year with its 2018 Championships at the National Gymnasium.

The indoor recurve competition began with 14 competitors in the ranking rounds of adult male, adult female and youth female categories vying for top spots.

After the Opening Ceremony and remarks by President of Archery Guyana, Mohamed Khan, the action began at 11:00am with 8 men in the Adult Male Individual category shooting in the 300 ranking round, followed by the Ladies in the Adult Female Individual and Youth Female Individual categories also shooting in their ranking round of 300 (a ranking round of 300 is where an archer shoots 30 arrows with a possibility of scoring all 10s).

After the Individual rounds were finished, athletes were paired for the mixed team ranking rounds, with the highest scoring male paired with lowest scoring female and vice-versa.

Results so far are as follow:


1st place – Umasankar Madray                   225 points

2nd place – Anand Mangra                          198 points

3rd place – Sean Duncan                             174 points

4th place – Ryan McKinnon                         164 points

5th place – Latchman Singh                        89 points

6th place – Mohamed Khan                         82 points

7th place – Jeewanram Persaud                  80 points

8th place – Nicholas Hing                             76 points


1st place – Samira Duncan                          104 points

2nd place – Narda Mohamed                       101 points

3rd place – Shereeda Yusuf                          65 points

4th place – Vidushi Persaud-McKinnon          29 points


1st place – Talitha Kissoon                          102 points

2nd place – Jessica Callender                        21 points

In the first round of Team Shooting, the results were as follows:

1st place – Sean Duncan & Vidushi Persaud-McKinnon     137 points

2nd place – Umasankar Madray & Nicholas Hing               123 points

3rd place – Jeewanram Persaud & Talitha Kissoon             93 points

4th place – Ryan McKinnon & Shereeda Yusuf                  91 points

5th place – Anand Mangra & Jessica Callender                 73 points

6th place – Samira Duncan & Mohamed Khan                   73 points

7th place – Latchman Singh & Narda Mohamed                63 points

The top 3 Scoring Teams moved on to the Eliminations Rounds and all the other Teams got a chance to battle it out for a final spot in the Elimination Round. The Results were as follows:

1st place – Anand Mangra & Jessica Callender                126 POINTS

2nd place – Ryan McKinnon & Shereeda Yusuf                 121 points

3rd place – Samira Duncan & Mohamed Khan                   92 points

4TH place- Latchman Singh & Narda Mohamed                69 points

The Part 2 of the Indoor Championships will be held on Sunday December 2, 2018 when the 4 Teams will compete for Gold, Silver and Bronze in the Semi-Finals and Finals.

The next event (the outdoor recurve competition) will be held on Sunday November, 11, 2018 at the Carifesta Sports Club Ground, Carifesta Avenue from 11:00 am.


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