Aracari Resort deaths: Family claims no indication that something was amiss

DEAD: Sabrina Nandram and Kevin Singh
DEAD: Sabrina Nandram and Kevin Singh

The family of 26-year-old Kevin Singh, whose lifeless body was discovered in a hotel bathtub with his girlfriend – Subrina Nandram – on Sunday evening, is now left with many questions surrounding the death of the couple.
Kuntie Tekchand, the mother of Singh, told INews on Monday that she is still trying to accept the fact that her son is now dead.
She explained that prior to the young man leaving their home on Saturday, there was no indication that something was amiss. She said Singh had been making plans for a future investment and left his house to finalise his plan.
“On Saturday morning he said he was going to see a car to buy and I asked him if he wanted his brother to go with him but he declined,” Tekchand told this publication.
The distraught mother added that whenever Singh would leave their home, he would always telephone her upon arrival at his destination. However, on Saturday, this did not happen.
“I was so occupied throughout the day and until 9 pm (21:00h) I called him and he asked me how I was doing. I asked him how he was, he said okay, and when I asked him where he was I was told that he was on West Coast. I asked what he was doing there and what time he was coming back but by that time the phone cut off and I never hear back from him,” Tekchand lamented.
According to Singh’s mother, she did not know much about her son’s girlfriend, 25-year-old Subrina Nandram.
“My nephew he came and told me that Kevin was in an accident, he didn’t want to tell me but he knew. My other sons had already known but didn’t want me to know directly but they told him [nephew] to bring me and when I got there that is when I knew he died and such.”
The woman added that she is hopeful that the police conclude the investigations into her son and his girlfriend’s death soon so that she can get closure.
The bodies of the couple were on Sunday evening found in a bathtub at the popular Aracari Resort, Versailles, West Bank Demerara, in what appeared to be a double suicide.
Singh and Nandram of Mon Repos, ECD, and formerly of Corentyne, Berbice, were found dead at about 18:00h by staff of the resort.
Based on information received, the couple checked into the resort on Saturday after lunch and was due to check out at 12:00h on Sunday but the male extended their stay.
However, on Sunday, the hotel staff attempted to make contact with the couple but calls to their room went unanswered. At that point, the staff did not suspect anything and thought the couple did not want to be disturbed.
Nevertheless, after some time, the staff attempted to contact the couple for a second time and again, the phone went unanswered. The staff, thinking that something was amiss, walked over to the room and it was then that they made the discovery.