Appointment of new Ombudsman could be expected soon – Harmon

Minister of State, Joseph Harmon

Minister of State, Joseph Harmon, on Thursday, told media personnel that the appointment of a person to occupy the office of the Ombudsman is to be carefully considered, but can be soon expected, according to GINA.

Minister of State, Joseph Harmon
Minister of State, Joseph Harmon

“I can let you know that we are looking at the matter, we are looking at the appointment of an Ombudsman, but it is something which requires careful consideration,” the Minister said during a post-Cabinet media briefing at the Ministry of the Presidency.

Minister Harmon however, added that in keeping with the law, the government must engage with the Opposition Leader in making decisions with regards person or persons who may be eligible for the position.

Harmon added: “I can say to you that in fact that we looking at several persons, which ones we have basically decided on, what are the names of the persons we are likely to put up, but we would have to discuss that with the Leader of the Opposition, and to get his ‘buy in’ on it.”

The last Ombudsman, Justice Winston Moore died in September. Moore was appointed to the position in January 2014.



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