Application for mining licences to be computerized says Govt


Scores of small miners late last year protested Government after their equipment were seized as a result of them failing to comply with mining protocols including failure to obtain mining licences.

According to the miners, the process to obtain same was too complex and lengthy which resulted in them failing to do so.

Against this backdrop, Junior Minster of Natural Resources Simona Broomes announced on Tuesday that the process will be made easier.

The Minister and a team from the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC) met with several Bartica miners where the issue was discussed.

During that interaction, Broomes explained that GGMC is currently working on computerizing applications.

“Miners usually have to travel to Georgetown for this process, however, we are trying to simplify it for them, decentralise using our office here,” Minister Broomes explained.

She further explained that this online mining application service should be functional by mid-2019.

The Natural Resources Ministers have been meeting key players in the mining sector to address some of their concerns.

Some of those issues previously highlighted by miners include the granting of lands to foreign nationals leaving little for Guyanese and the issue of bribery where Compliance Officers are allegedly accepting bribes from delinquent miners.


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