APNU’s James Bond believes “AFC can Achieve nothing on its own”, says it is one dimensional and uneducated


734040_504360722953371_972900844_n[www.inewsguyana.com] – A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) Member of Parliament James Anthony Bond says The Alliance for Change (AFC) must be honest with its members and all of Guyana in informing them what it really capable of delivering. “I can tell you now the answer is by itself nothing but with and in a true national coalition CHANGE!” he added.

Bond in a Facebook post said “I pray the Alliance regains its strength and not for the fallacious arguments offered by its supporters and leaders that APNU needs the Alliance to win Indian supporters in PPPC strongholds… RUBBISH” adding that “it is as one dimensional, uneducated and primitive on an argument for ones political existence as it gets.”

He exclaimed that the AFC knows it cannot win an election and has no power to bring about the change it seeks.

Bond reminded of the foundation of the AFC and how it was formed. “The Alliance for Change was conceived in the Law Offices of Khemraj Ramjattan in 2006. In those Chambers Peter Ramsaroop, Raphael Trotman, Moses V. Nagamootoo and of course Khemraj Ramjattan formulated the theory that their collective talents could produce a seismic shift in Guyanese politics. At that time defeating the PPPC was all that mattered ending corruption was all that mattered ending the criminal and murderous excesses that seemed to thrive under the PPPC was all that mattered. At that time Moses was still in the bosom of the PPPC and opted to delay his entrance. Peter was mostly animated bursting with energy of the prospects and potential of the “Alliance” (it had no name then, Alliance as a word was never used, WE mostly was used however). Khemraj very deliberate, his contributions was more interested in what they “must do”. Raphael sober and strategic offered contributions that began with the phrase “In any event”. He anticipated the reactions of the political players to their “Alliance”. This was their third such meeting from what I had gathered.” The Lawyer noted.

The APNU MP said the AFC grew from a merger of personalities to attempts of defining its philosophy. Bond says this is the first controversy to the party operations since the attempts have not resulted in a definite position in the minds of the population, other political parties or even the members of the Alliance.

He believes that the third force party does not have the political luxury of being Multi dimensional in its objectives and for this reason the AFC in will fall to the wayside, especially if another Party comes along preaching any single objective that the Alliance preaches.

Bond said while it may be a fact that the Alliance had tremendous success in 2011 in the Region 6 heartland of the Peoples Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) It not because of the Alliance’s “INDIAN-NESS” but as a result Good political work from a political team, the Alliance fed on the failures of the PPP’s non delivery in Region 6 and “Thirdly, MOSES Fourthly, MOSES and Fifthly, MOSES.”

he said in 2006 Speaker of the National Assembly and AFC Executive Member Raphael Trotman proved to be the alternative to Robert Corbin (the PNC/R Leader) and so infiltrated in Region 4 because he was from Region 4 he was easily identifiable with middle and poorer classes in Region 4.

“This proves politics in Guyana is linked in a great degree to personality and not wholly on race but surely WHEN WILL IT BE ABOUT ISSUES? Khemraj in 2006 had no effect in Region 6 because his personality and popularity were lacking the umph! Just to remind readers Khemraj lost in his own village on the Corentyne in 2006. Raphael had no effect in 2011 in Region 4, Nigel Hughes similarly had little effect because David Granger had all the personality all the popularity in Region 4 remember Nomination Day. If the AFC hails it’s triumph in Region 6 in 2011 on the basis that “Indians supported them” or if their belief is that they “fear that they would lose the Indian vote if they join with APNU because Indians will never support the APNU/PNC” they play an equally dangerous game of race politics surely Tarron et anor think differently. Race based politics is the worse form of politics, choosing a leader or choosing to follow a leader because of his or her race is an evil itself. Herein lies the second Controversy plaguing the Alliance. Herein the tug o war within its ranks and leadership.” Bond said.

He believes the Alliance is clearly not as hungry as it was and because of its lack of depth must dig deep within and without it to muster some spark. “Trust me it wouldn’t come from Khemraj, Moses, Nigel, Raphael, David, Dominic, Cathy, Trevor or Gerhard it has to come from the rank and file of the Alliance.”

Guyana needs strong third parties as much as it needs strong Governments and Opposition Parties the APNU MP said. He added that APNU is getting stronger more resolute under the leadership of Brigadier David Granger and will prove again to be the alternative to a corrupt and incompetent PPPC.

In this regard he said the AFC must decide which battle to wage. “Will it wage a fight on the national front and bring about real change or will it wage a battle of ideologies”

the says the Alliance finds itself in a dilemma because whenever it votes for the PPPC or APNU, in effect it simultaneously votes against the other. “This dilemma will prove it’s undoing once again and it may be too late when 2016 comes to forge that true Alliance with the majority of the people of Guyana beyond borders or race, an Alliance with APNU. “



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