APNU’s birth was most exceptional event on the political landscape in the past decade – Granger


… as party celebrates 10th anniversary

 A Partnership of National Unity (APNU) celebrates its 10th anniversary today with its chairman, former President David Granger, describing the birth as “…the most exceptional event on the political landscape in the past decade.”

In a statement issued by APNU, it stated that the Guyana Action Party, Justice For All Party, National Front Alliance, People’s National Congress Reform and Working People’s Alliance – the original five parties of the Partnership – were inspired by the prospect of pursuing the ‘common good’ and of ensuring that everyone could enjoy ‘a good life.’

APNU chairman, David Granger

“APNU, in a Coalition with the Alliance for Change (AFC), participated in the General and Regional Elections in 2015 and 2020. The Coalition’s performance signaled the superiority of the ‘proportionality’ or PR electoral system favouring the emergence of small parties and the formation of coalitions which reflect and represent the country’s complex racial, regional and religious landscape.”

Granger stated the APNU made a covenant with the Guyanese people to work together to reunite the country’s fractured polity and referred to the party’s first Manifesto for the 2011 General and Regional Elections which advanced the idea of a ‘good life’.

“This depended on a sound education, satisfactory employment, economic opportunity, individual equality, political empowerment and social protection for the vulnerable, at the personal level, and on good governance, a sustainable environment, national unity and public security, at the national level.”

In addition, he stated that APNU worked well throughout its decade in Opposition from 2012 to 2015 and in Office in a coalition with the AFC from 2015 to 2020.

He expressed regret that two partners – Justice For All Party and Working People’s Alliance – chose to withdraw from the Partnership of their own accord. The Partnership, he added welcomed the Equal Rights and Justice Party and the Guyana Nation Builders Movement.

APNU, in 2020, launched a Decade of Development: 2020-2029 – a framework for a ten-year plan that will accelerate faster economic growth, greater employment and increased economic opportunities.