APNU+AFC Region 6 Head Councillor resigns

Jevaughn Stephens
Jevaughn Stephens
Jevaughn Stephens

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Head Councillor for the A Partnership for National Unity and Alliance for Change (APNU/AFC) has tendered his resignation from the Regional Democratic Council of Region 6.

The resignation of Jevaughn Stephens, who is also the Director of Health Services in the region, was accepted by the Regional Chairman and the Council on Thursday, November 05 at the statutory meeting.

Stephens’s resignation comes in light of a conflict of interest with his new job as Director of Health Services. In his resignation, Stephens indicated that he is resigning with immediate effect but is looking forward to continue working with the council from his new post.

The new Head of Council for the APNU+AFC is Donna Mathoo, who is also Head of the National Communications Network Berbice Operations.




  1. Conflict of interest !! Well you realised that early enough and did the right thing. There are some in the APNU/AFC camp who have no clue of what that means. Take for example the security minister Ramjattan. He was representing Fedders Loyd a barrister and was an MP. He could t see that. The. You had Nigel Hughes and Mrs Hughes. Both involved with the company that was building the road to Amaila Falls.
    Resigning shows a strength of character and not weakness. Well done


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