APNU+AFC pledges Passport Office for Berbice

A section of the gathering at the women's rally
Sita Nagamootoo
Sita Nagamootoo

[www.inewsguyana.com] – The opposition coalition, A Partnership for National Unity and Alliance for Change (APNU+AFC) says it will make way for a Passport Office in the ancient county should it be elected to govern in the upcoming elections.

Addressing hundreds at a women’s rally at Manchester, Corentyne on Monday, May 04, Sita Nagamootoo, the wife of the Party’s Prime Ministerial Candidate Moses Nagamootoo, stated that the Party has noted the hassle endured by Berbicians and that an APNU+AFC led government will set up an Immigration Office in the region.

“It is time to stop running around for passports, birth certificates and our useful information. A government, under the APNU+AFC, will offer an office right here to serve you,” she said to roaring crowd.

Over the years, the calls for decentralizing of passport issuing at this office have been numerous and the Berbicians present at the women’s rally welcomed the intended move on the Opposition’s part.

A section of the gathering at the women's rally
A section of the gathering at the women’s rally

At present, passport issuing has been completely centralized in the city as is the case with a range of other vital services. On a daily basis, passport applicants pour through the gates at the Central Immigration Office on Camp Road, Georgetown.

The complaints from countless citizens coming from far-flung outposts have been many. Vocal among them are Berbicians who have often lashed out at the process involved in acquiring new passports or even renewing their old.

Time and time again, they have outlined as unfair the fact that they would normally have to spend significant sums of cash on transportation and sometimes accommodation just to be able to acquire the travel document.

As is customary, they have to travel for hours and despite efforts to cop a “good space” before the door of the Immigration Office are opened, they are usually met with long lines, much to their dismay.

Also in her address, Nagamootoo reached out to the women folk of Berbice and reminded them of the reality facing women across the country. “Better must come” she told the women folk beckoning them to come onboard the “unity train.”

“My sisters, we know what to expect if [President Donald] Ramotar is reelected ‘one slapping and stripping of our women.’ It is a shame that Ramotar is sorry for Bheri, his Minister: the abuser, and not the woman victim, Sherlina Nageer,” Nagamootoo said, adding that an APNU+AFC led government will not stand for violence against women.

She reiterated the coalition’s promises for at least 10% raises in pay for the public servants as well as the old age pension within 100 days of assuming office. Nagamootoo told the women folk that should the coalition be handed the reins of power, workers earning below $75,000 will not pay income tax.

The coalition’s plan to slash the Berbice bridge toll in half, as well as efforts to fight against violent crimes, were also discussed by Mrs Nagamootoo.



  1. Protest frustration by doing what ?? Stoning our ministers or by throwing acid on the supporters of the ruling party. Maybe you find it right for the supporters of the pnc to piss on our flag and set it on fire too. Who killed Crap Ewing ??? Seems like all of the opposition supporters know and keep saying it’s the PPP to cause chaos. Who stands to benefit from it ??? Our president made it clear when he said the man was more of a nuisance than a threat to the PPP. Every time a black criminal dies it’s because they tried to rob, kill, or hurt someone mostly of East Indian descent and you hear of them being church boys and their coffins are draped with the flag of this country as a blatant disrespect to this nation. You always see the Danger at these funerals too. The laws of this country needs to be revised to have all of this nonsense stopped. VOTE PPP AND STOP THE NONSENSE! !!

  2. The CUP RUNNETH OVER WITH BLOOD.How many young GUYANESE LIVES HAVE BEEN SNUFFED OUT due to the alleged actions of this IRRESPONSIBLE and CORRUPT government?more than 400,the latest,CRUM-EWING.This is most alarming,trying to SILENCE GUYANESE through the muzzle of the GUN,will not STOP US from demonstrating and protesting our FRUSTRATION and DISGUST about the way these HYPOCRITES are MIS-LEADING this nation.The FRABRICATED stories TOLD,will eventually be their DEMISE.IT IS TIME FOR CHANGE.

  3. We the Guyanese populations need you the PNC to pledge peace!
    Pledge to Guyana that after the announcement of the PPP victory you would not burn us out.
    The PNC only see a sign of our victory and they started to attack us already. They didn’t only pelted Dr. Roger Luncheon they also burn and shouted “Burn Them Out”
    “BURN THEM OUT” To see proof please Google:
    “Daughter of APNU Official urinates on PPP flag and then sets it on fire”

  4. The berbice bridge is owned by Nagamootoo so he will cut the toll in half,Sita took shame out of her eyes and is noe calling the african women sisters when only three months ago her husband was calling them murderer and thieves,no pride what so ever.

  5. Under the PNC we used to buy Passport from the PNC appointed members, so what is Granger really trying to say!
    Granger really think we have short memory.
    I say Vote PPP! Vote for Continuous Growth and Development!
    Vote towards Modernization! Vote for Wealth! Vote for the cup that runneth over with SOUP and porridge!


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