APNU+AFC Govt ill-equipped to handle public safety, security, says Rohee


People’s Progressive Party (PPP) General Secretary, Clement Rohee during a media briefing today stated that the prison reforms initiated under the PPP/C administration are ‘unmatched in the history of the Prison Service’ and augurs well for the future, once they are at not jettisoned  by the APNU+AFC Coalition Administration.

Public Security Minister Khemraj Ramjattan speaks to the Media this morning (Carl Croker photo)
Public Security Minister Khemraj Ramjattan speaks to the Media this morning (Carl Croker photo)

“The recent riot at the Georgetown Prison which resulted in the death of 17 prisoners and injuries to several others shattered the myth that the Granger Administration is best equipped to address the security situation in Guyana. The APNU+AFC Administration came to power fooling the Guyanese electorate that they are most knowledgeable and best prepared to handle public safety and security in Guyana,” Rohee stated.

In slamming the Government’s handling of the recent prison unrest, the General Secretary contended that the present Administration must look at all Prison locations across the country and not only focus on the Camp Street Prison.

“The informal, illegal networking among prisoners at the various locations is unimaginable and challenging, consequently they pose serious security risks to the country as a whole were they to be activated in a coordinated manner at the same time. The recent platitudes trotted out by President Granger about what his Administration is “considering”, “contemplating” to what is “needed” and what “we want” is not sufficient enough and seeks to throw dust in the yes of the Guyanese public. To prevent any re-occurrence of this type, the Granger Coalition Administration must pick up from where the PPP/C left off,” the PPP General Secretary posited.

DSC_1971He explained that the blueprint is there for the APNU+AFC Government to examine carefully, and that it should also press ahead with implementation of the Strategic Plan for Prison reforms.

“But if there is one recommendation Mr. Granger has consciously overlooked it is the dismissal of Prakash Ramjattan as the Minister of Public Security of this country. Lying at the feet of Ramjattan and indeed the Granger Administration are 17, not three (3), dead bodies. Consequently…the Granger Administration must take full and collective responsibility for the deadly occurrence at the Georgetown Prison,” Rohee added.


  1. APNU+AFC Govt ill-equipped to handle public safety, security, says Rohee
    Ramjaat should never talk to the press..Why is he now answering to the press people? You think he could now tell press people to haal yuh ass ?

  2. ROHEE,it is insane to compare yourself to President Granger,it is like comparing chalk to coal.especially if you still believe Dominica is the Dominican Republic.The President has been a Security Personnel almost all of his life,what advice can you give him?NONE.SO,don`t big up yourself,you en`t ready yet.You`ve been a failure.

  3. The WORST minister of home affairs braying again.He has been called on many occasions to resign from Parliament,because of his INCOMPETENCE and INEFFICIENT behaviour.is as usual criticizing this intelligent Coalition that has done a FANTASTIC JOB for the SHORT time it is in office.THAT IS WHY you are where YOU are ROHEE.You will NEVER WAKE UP FROM YOUR DEEP SLUMBER.


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