APNU+AFC govt begins drainage work; Independence Arch to be restored

[Imran Khan's Photos]

By Jomo Paul

[Imran Khan's Photos]
[Imran Khan’s Photos]
[www.inewsguyana.com] – Just one day after President David Granger was sworn in, the APNU+AFC government has begun work to desilt the main drainage areas in Guyana.

The desilting is particularly important given that Guyana is in the May/June rainy season and already parts of the city are under water. On Sunday, the new government initiated the project, which is being spearheaded by BK International, Stanely Ming and a few other contractors.

President Granger was on hand to inspect some of the works and according to APNU+AFC Chief Communications Officer, Imran Khan the project will target the major waterways.

He explained that the project commenced at the Square of the Revolution and will proceeded into the heart of the city. Khan pointed out that among the areas being targeted was the infamous Sussex Street canal which leads directly into the Demerara River.Clean 1

The canal is known for overflowing particularly in the rainy season and affecting the residents in the surrounding environs.

“What they are doing is desilting of the canal with the view that the city does not flood as often as it does,” Khan told iNews in an interview.

Clean 3Also on the immediate agenda of the government is the restoration of the Independence Arch. The National Independence Monument located on Brickdam was a gift to Guyana from the then Demerara Bauxite Mining Company in honor of Guyana’s independence.

Plans are in place to reconstruct the base of the monument and bring it above road level. All of this is to be done before Guyana observes Independence Day on May 26.



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  2. Granger got to tell his people don’t liter he should teach them how to use the garbage can but what can I say that’s all they know


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