APNU+AFC gears up for LGE


APNU AFC[www.inewsguyana.com] – The APNU+AFC coalition has already commenced its preparations for Local Government Elections (LGE) scheduled to be held on March 18, 2016.

According to a release from the coalition, representatives from all ten administrative regions met at a regional leadership level in preparation for the upcoming local government elections.

APNU+AFC Chief Whip Amna Ally facilitated the training exercise that dealt extensively with what the campaign structure is expected to be.

“Ally also discussed with the participants requirements for the local government elections, such as selection of symbols, selection of candidates, support signatures, and other matters of importance to parties contesting the elections,” the release noted.

She also explained the legal framework, time lines and the arrangements for the effective conduct of local government elections.

In the release, Ally says that the session was fully attended by representatives for all regions and by both the APNU and AFC.

“The session was to ensure that participants are equipped with relevant knowledge for the upcoming local government elections,” she stated.



  1. Next year there will be lot of spoil vote in the system apnu/afc done got their count before so that why the date was set at that time where they put the number in gecom where dr steve is from the pnc in 2001 he was a run mate with corbin at that time so please this it will cook right out

  2. First, gratitude is in order for the coalition arranging to stage LGE in March next year, the failed election promise of a 2015 LGE notwithstanding. Second, if the coalition does not win Georgetown, will it fully support a mayor that did not come from its camp?

  3. Yes,we need electronic voting ,let the American,British and Canadian Gov’t help in this Change.The ABC Countries must act now otherwise there will be massive rigging.You can see this in Surujbally and Lowenfield faces.

  4. Will this election be conducted fairly by GECOM????More than half of the electorate do not trust GECOM. It is time electronic voting be implimented that way the risk of rigging is reduced hence results can be delivered to the people in an efficient and timely manner. We do not want a repeat of what transpired with the recent National & Regional elections.


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