APNU/AFC Coalition wins 15 of 16 seats in Linden Municipality – unofficial reports


The A Partnership for National Unity/Alliance For Change (APNU/AFC) coalition has managed to secure the majority of votes in the Local Government Election (LGE) polls from the 8 constituencies across the Linden Municipality.

Reports are that the coalition has obtained 15 of 16 seats, while the Linden 2025 Group has secured 1. Of a total of 8279 valid votes, the APNU/AFC secured 7084, while the main Opposition Party the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) obtained 361.

resultsMeanwhile, the group Linden Ambassadors For Progress secured 386 votes and Linden 2025, 448. The victorious candidates for APNU/AFC for the First-Past-the-Post include Eleze Benjamin (Constituency 1), Lennox Gasper (Constituency 2), Leroy James (Constituency 3), Wainwright Bethune (Constituency 4), Colin Anderson (Constituency 5), Keeran Williams (Constituency 6), Fern Mckoy (Constituency 7) and Neola Rogers (Constituency 8).

APNU/AFC campaign manager Sandra Adams said while voter turnout was generally “low” and disappointing, the coalition was happy for the resounding victory and thanked Lindeners for their support.

On Friday Adams had stated: “In our expectation the turnout was low. Generally, slow overall. We really expected more with all that would have been done campaign-wise… but we still heard the complaints of people not knowing what Local Government Elections is all about and because of that they weren’t inclined to vote. We managed to bring over some of those people to get them to understand but then there was still the younger generation that said things like, ‘I voted last year, there’s no need for me to vote’.”

apnu1Adams also opined that the work of the newly elected Council over the next three years will include having persons to vote at the next LGE understand its importance as well as increasing their interest.
She noted that the Kwakwani area also recorded low voter turnout.






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