APNU/AFC coalition Gov’t has broken its promises – Jagdeo tells Essequibians

The People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) continues to blaze through the campaign trail for the upcoming Local Government Elections (LGE), attracting a mammoth crowd at all public meetings held recently in Region Two (Pomeroon-Supenaam).
The Party Leader received a warm welcome from supporters as they garlanded and embraced him with much vigour and enthusiasm.
PPP/C meeting at Charity
PPP/C meeting at Charity

It was quite a spectacle to witness as residents rushed out of their houses to welcome the former President, showering him with kisses, roses and the lively drumming of tassa music.

Addressing huge gatherings of residents, the Opposition Leader gave reasons in abundance as to why they should vote for the PPP/C as he reminded them of all the broken promises made by the A Partnership for National Unity/Alliance For Change (APNU/AFC) coalition.
“One conclusion about the coalition is that they are untruthful and they have not fulfilled none of their promises, rice farmers are suffering and although we have made recommendations to help the rice and sugar industries they have not listened,” Jagdeo declared during his outreaches along the Essequibo Coast.
Jagdeo was accompanied by a team of PPP/C officials that include parliamentarians Irfaan Ali, Pauline Sukhai and Dharamkumar Seeraj.
The first stop was Johanna Cecilia where Jagdeo told his supporters that their energy and enthusiasm helps motivate the Party to fight for betterment.
Jagdeo went on to undermine the promises President David Granger made to Essequibians during the coalition’s visit in the area.
“As far as I am concerned, they have significantly failed rice farmers and sugar workers in Guyana,” the Opposition Leader lamented.
PPP/C meeting at Johanna Cecelia
PPP/C meeting at Johanna Cecelia

He also expressed utter astonishment over the fact that the government is yet to invest any money whatsoever towards keeping the productive sectors alive even in the midst of relentless hardships.

“If they are not going to help the productive sectors and all the money that was left in the treasury will be spent on unnecessary projects….then Guyana will become a begging nation again, our young people will grow up to pay debt… that was happening in the past,” the Opposition leader contended.
For his part, Seeraj highlighted the drastic changes in the country’s economy that have been negatively affecting all Guyanese.  
Pauline Sukhai also declared that the PPP/C will continue to stand by the people of Guyana.
Irfaan Ali  assured supporters that the Party is not afraid of the Government and that all its leaders will stand to the end with the people.
The PPP/C also held outreaches in Charity, Bushlot, Aurora, Columbia, Richmond, Jib, Hibernia and Pomona. 
Local Government Elections will be held on March 18 in 71 Local Authority Areas including 62 Neighbourhood Democratic Councils (NDCs) and nine municipalities – a total of 580 constituencies. 
The PPP/C will contest 70 of the 71 Local Authority Areas and will be represented by the Cup.


  1. Dennis McKenzie Start by confirming these LIES. Accusing this man of telling lies will not suffice, we want to hear facts. Can you let us know what lies Jadgeo is spreading amongst his supporters?????
    Listen up its simple, just look around and you will soon realize our economy continues to slump under your APNU+AFC=PNC Defacto Government.

  2. Jagdeo and his CABAL can only fool those of his supporters all the time,who do not think for themselves.Sooner than later,he will find out,that the deliberate LIES he`s accustomed to tell,will BACKFIRE in his FACE,like what occurred to Ramotar,trust me.


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