APNU/AFC cancels Brian Tiwari’s appointment as Ministerial Advisor

Contractor/businessman Brian ‘BK’  Tiwari seems to be unaware that Government has moved to cancel his appointment as Ministerial Advisor on Business Development.
Government on Tuesday announced that it had cancelled the appointment of Tiwari as Ministerial Advisor on Business Development.
While no reason for the revocation was given, Tiwari, who is currently in China, said he was unaware of this development.
Brian Tiwari
Brian Tiwari

INews understands that when Tiwari, was contacted by Guyana Times this afternoon, he related that his appointment back in January this year was to serve specifically as an advisor to Minister of State Joseph Harmon. The instrument of appointment which was dated January 19, 2016, was signed by Minister Harmon himself.

Criticisms mounted when news got out recently that Government had secretly appointed the businessman, who it is alleged, partly funded the election campaign for the A Partnership for National Unity/Alliance For Change (APNU/AFC) coalition.
Tiwari was also said to be closely affiliated with the previous People’s Progressive Party (PPP) Government, reining in some big contracts; one of which is the East Bank Demerara Four Lane extension project.
Some observers contend that Tiwari’s appointment as a Ministerial Advisor by the APNU/AFC was a form of “payback” for his substantial financial support to the coalition during the elections campaign.


  1. APNU/AFC cancels Brian Tiwari’s appointment as Ministerial Advisor..
    Nagamook is a damn liar saying he didnt know.
    Nagamook does not know that the PNC GDF is running things in Guyana he does not know that ? If he does not know then he a proven dunce !!
    Well one has to feel very sorry for PNC GDF Harmom- ow man look at the po sap and one can tell he aint bright so he had to take a so called businessman with him on his trip as cover for his incompetence.
    I hope Graingehehe cut the poor sap sum slack.


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