APNU+AFC all set for massive women’s rally today

APNU/AFC female candidates
APNU/AFC female candidates
APNU/AFC female candidates

[www.inewsguyana.com] – The Opposition Coalition says it has planned a massive Women’s Rally for today, Saturday April 18 at the Merriman’s Mall Bourda Georgetown.

The rally is the first of its kind for this elections campaign period and will feature several prominent members of the APNU/AFC coalition.

Speakers will include Sandra Granger, Sita Nagamootoo, Cathy Hughes, Volda Lawrence and several other high profile APNU/AFC female members.

Meanwhile, AFC executive Cathy Hughes at a Friday, April 17 news conference said “there is no doubt that Guyanese women are strong and industrious. We may not yet be able to claim that we have broken through the proverbial ‘glass ceiling’ but the APNU+AFC Coalition is proud of the immense strides that some of our women have made over the past 40 years.  Many have acquired higher education and are functioning at high professional levels while maintaining peaceful, loving homes for their children.”

She said through  the Women and Youth arms, APNU+AFC intends to institute a comprehensive programme to achieve full empowerment by providing functional facilities for education specialized skills training, and facilitating financial assistance for small business development.

According to Hughes, the Coalition is not satisfied with the quality of programmes and services currently in place for the social and economic development of Guyanese women especially in rural areas.  

“They still do not have sufficient knowledge about the laws and their rights regarding domestic violence and gender equality, that is, equal pay for equal work, freedom from discrimination and sexual harassment. Whatever national policy is in existence does not seem to be working.  The deaths and permanent maiming of many women at the hands of spouses and even male family members have increased exponentially over the past decade and so has the incidence of maternal deaths,” said Hughes.



  1. Ms Sooba’s challenge at City Hall was very difficult.
    Did Ms Hughes support this woman?
    Of course not.
    She was busy looking after herself with employment at Sithe Global?
    We need sincere women who can walk the talk.
    This is one good example of strong Guyanese women.
    Talk is sheep.

  2. would Vanessa kissoon be there? Would there be any skinning up taking place? Are men allowed to come to the show?

  3. leh me tell you how sum peepol stupid bad..down right stupid to the bone to boot…why these ladies holding their “women” rally in bourda of all places…is like pnc..how down right stupid they are…u dont hold rallies all the times in your stronghold…the only reason for doing this is that pnc men and women are afraid of themselves losing out on power..u have to go into the lions den…go to the ppp stronghold base…see what reception you get..u have to give ppp credit…they lock down their base solid…will go there for their massive get together..arite…but ppp goes into every street corner all over guyana..despite pnc bullies running them..scaring them…intimidating them..its looking bad on pnc..it looks like the good old days of pnc tatics are back when they start pulling down ppp billboards and pulling down the ppp cup…pnc must realise that that kind of tatics wins you no charm no hearts no minds and most importat no votes period..so pnc must call of their dogs now..Y??? the indians who joined ppp will eventually have to talk..nagamootto..ropenarine..ramjattan..they will have to answer for pnc terror action against ppp..


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