APNU withdraws support from Candidate accused of child molestation


In light of the controversy regarding allegations being made of child molestation against an APNU/AFC Candidate contesting a Constituency seat in the Georgetown Municipality, the Group has withdrawn its support for the official in the upcoming Local Government Elections (LGE).

apnuAccording to a release issued by APNU a few minutes ago, as a result of the alleged behaviour of Winston Harding and the pattern of accusations over the years, his candidature cannot be supported. INews understands that Harding was charged for child molestation some time ago but has never been convicted.

The APNU reiterated that it is firmly against all forms of abuse especially the abuse of women, children and the elderly.

“The Partnership takes seriously all allegations of abuse that are made against its members and supporters. In our 2015 Manifesto, we clearly state and affirm that the Domestic Violence Act and the Sexual Offences Act must at all times be enforced without compromise or exception…APNU is cognizant of the fact that Mr. Harding has not been convicted of any offence, but the gravity and nature of the accusations cannot be ignored or condoned,” the release added.





  1. SS- uncle Hammyeee Greed did sum terrible things- which include rape and murder- Ongusai said he didnt want to let loose in the RodKneee COI. careful when you daabin shit on PPP

  2. So why do they still have Rachel Trotman in the government after he was charged with the same type of behaviour ?

  3. Perhaps the Finance Minister is still using the same drugs he used to when he was working for State Planning Commission under Carl Greenidge. How foolish can he be to even believe what he is saying. In that line of thinking maybe instead of setting up industries Guyana should have a party throughout the year so that people from abroad can come speND money and build the country. You have to be a special kind of stupid to think like this.

  4. This is what you call listening to the people, which is a sign of good governance, take note PPP. Under the PPP this would have been condoned. Good going APNU-AFC be a guiding light to the people of Guyana.


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