APNU wants early election results; concerned about location of polling stations


By Fareeza Haniff

Opposition Leader, David Granger. [iNews' Photo]
Opposition Leader, David Granger. [iNews’ Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com] – A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) has made it clear that it is not in support of private residences being used as polling stations and is calling on the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) to ensure that the polling venues are not compromised on elections day.

Chief Election Scrutineer of APNU, Amna Ally told a news conference today, Friday December 12 that the Opposition Party advocates for the use of government buildings.

“We do not want any venue that can be compromised. The onus is on GECOM to look at alternative ways to erect polling stations. We strongly object to people’s premises being used,” Ally explained.

Similar sentiments were expressed by the Party’s Leader, David Granger, who noted that some persons could not vote in the 2011 elections due to last minute changes to polling stations.

“There were circumstances in 2011 where new polling stations were identified after…as a result some persons could not find the polling station and some people were deprived of voting. We’re asking for the location to be identified and notified to the general public so that you don’t have last minute changes,” the Opposition Leader stated.

Meanwhile, the APNU is also calling on GECOM to have all systems in place so that the election results can be revealed at the earliest possible time, instead of having the nation hold its breath for days.

Granger said, “It is our view that the results could be; particularly nowadays with modern means of communication and statement of polls could actually be photographed and transmitted in a matter of seconds.

“We feel you know that we could have election results by the 6’0 clock the next morning and certainly we don’t expect to have results after three or four days and still getting the arithmetic wrong.”

According to the Opposition Leader, GECOM must move away from the 72 and 96 hours wait for the declaration of results; which he says leads to bad arithmetic.

The APNU also called on the Elections Body to ensure that the general and regional elections are conducted in a clean and efficient manner and in an atmosphere of calm.


  1. Gecom should be more focus in reducing the disenfranchised voters rather that fast result. Granger don’t want the Amerindians to vote be cause he will loose big time given the fact that he cut the allocation for the indigenous people. Granger is not in support of new polling station to reduce the time it would take for one to travel to the polling place but yet wants the result fast. With the pressure mounting on Granger’s back he is corrupting his own thoughts.

  2. This is way to funny. Granja calling all shots. He believes he is the President. Again he will be in the streets protesting after the 2015 results. There is no way in hell APNU+PNCxKFC=Churhes Chicken will win this election.

  3. Jail/gay is the same fool, is one brain dead PPP crap talker,he is the lucky guy who got his one lapee-top per family crap talker, inews will have so much news of interest, but tom and jerry can only blog on APNU PNC. And he blind deff and very dum, look at how many guyanese in jail for drugs in the last week,,look at how many drunkards all indians in the news,,look at the stink city, RUA,,indians are the targets, and i can go on ,,, this BD&D guy could do so much more by talking the truth, he is very confused,on election day the video will show JAI/GRAY will be voting APNU/PNC,,

  4. Granger should get SN Anand Persaud Mike Persaud-Vishnu Persaud-Gino Persaud-Yesu Persaud to be polling agents to ensure PNC win.
    If any other prominent PNC Persauds are left out please feel free to fill in lol

  5. Granger, would you accept GECOM’s result? Your hearts desire is met by having so much of your PNC supporters working for GECOM. After the result would you still be in the streets protesting? I hope they know that we’ll be videoing everything.
    Hey Granger, don’t try to get ahead of yourself in calling any shot, the President of Guyana is “DONALD RAMOTAR”.


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