APNU says President Ramotar’s threat to dissolve Parliament is ‘cowardly’

Opposition Leader, David Granger and President Donald Ramotar.
Opposition Leader, David Granger and President Donald Ramotar.

 [www.inewsguyana.com] –A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) says it is “extremely disappointed” by the views expressed by President Donald Ramotar in his address to the nation last evening.

President Ramotar threatened that he will exercise his constitutional authority by calling General and Regional Elections and dissolving Parliament if the combined Opposition goes ahead with its No Confidence Motion against the government.

In response, the APNU noted that the President’s threat to prorogue Parliament is a cowardly move.

“It clear that President Ramotar is trying to intimidate the Opposition by threatening General and Regional Elections and putting Local Government Elections far into the future. APNU will not be threatened or intimidated,” a statement by the APNU noted last evening.

According to the APNU, “after deliberately delaying the post –recess sitting of the National Assembly by several weeks, APNU feels strongly that the President’s new found urgency to bring to the floor of the National Assembly ‘urgent matters…in the interest of the people of Guyana’ to be disingenuous.”

“APNU views the President’s threat to prorogue or dissolve the Parliament as a cowardly. The Parliament is intended to be a place for debate. President Ramotar is choosing to dissolve Parliament instead of facing up to a debate on the PPP/C’s abysmal record in office,” APNU noted.





  1. grainger ya big dumbell its your call..go ahead and wok with the afc clowns n get your no confidence..the guyanese people ready to go back to the polls real soon..they are not that stupid as your power hungry opposition think..u used your combined one seat majority to hold the goverment hostage but failed to see u r in fact holding the entire nation hostage..u cant damage ppp..u r damaging the people of guyana yall big dummy..


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