APNU rejects 5 – 8% wage increase; calls for serious negotiations with Unions



Opposition Leader, David Granger. [iNews' Photo]
Opposition Leader, David Granger. [iNews’ Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com] – The main Opposition – A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) – has rejected the 5 – 8% increase of wages and salaries by the government for over 20,000 Public Servants and members of the Disciplined Forces.

In a media release issued today, November 30, the APNU called on the government to respect the Guyana Public Service Union (GPSU) and to adhere to the collective bargaining agreement.

“The APNU condemns the Peoples Progressive Party/Civic administration’s arbitrary imposition of another paltry ‘freck’ on public servants salaries. APNU demands that the PPPC enter into sincere and serious negotiations aimed at paying reasonable and meaningful increases, wages and salaries to Public Service employees,” the APNU statement noted.

According to the Party, the annual “arbitrary imposition of a small increase in wages and salaries for public employees” is a clear example of the PPP/C administration’s arrogance and its abandonment of any pretense at collective bargaining.

As such, the Party is calling for an immediate review of the conditions under which public servants work and the payment of “a living wage” to public servants.

“Workers at the lowest levels – who comprise over 75 per cent of the Public Service – will see their salaries increase by less than $2,500 per month with the proposed 5 per cent increase. Public servants are frequently unable to afford to meet some basic household expenses, utilities and transportation and often are forced to borrow money for emergencies and to settle day-to-day expenses. They are convinced that they deserve a higher increase, particularly in light of the high cost of living,” the APNU said.

The Party also noted that the government must adhere to the International Labour Organizations (ILO) Conventions ratified by the National Assembly that deal with the Protection of the Rights to Organize and Collective Bargaining.

A media release from the Office of the President on Saturday, November 29 stated that public servants and members of the Disciplined Forces earning above $50,000 monthly wages and salaries as of December 31, 2014 are being granted an across the board increase of 5%, while those earning less than $50,000 monthly as at December 31, 2013 would be receiving 8% across the board increase, retroactive to January 1, 2014.

The release added that teachers earning less than $50,000 monthly as of December 31, 2013 are being granted an additional 3% across the board increase, in addition to the 5% increase.

Government says this is in keeping with the multi-year agreement concluded with their Union, bringing their total increase to 8%, retroactive to January 1, 2014.



  1. typical PNC guy….same old racial thinking …wake-up and see the stats of progress taking place by the same indian Gov.

    keep this in your book and stop sleeping:

    1. Guyana is the only country within the three caricom member state that exceed 3% Growth

    2. Guyana is the only country of the five caricom countries that is below the 60% international bench mark with regards to Dept to GDP ratio

    3. Guyana’s export growth rate is 10% per year

    Expressive !!!! …..keep it up PPP/C

  2. APNU, in their manifesto said they would have ensure that growth is 7%. Indeed to see growth then the citizen must spend but if you don’t have a job then you will not have enough or any money to spend. To create jobs we must encourage investment. Investment weather small or big would see a demand for human services and would automatically create job. APNU in the other hand is chasing investors, killing job creating project and hence should shut their mouth when it comes to increase payment to public servant. AFC on the other hand promise 20% in their 5 year span had they been in power. In 3 years PPP gave more that 15% plus increase income-tax threshold. In summary PPP delivered more than what the combine opposition had planned.

  3. To public servants, take the money shop for your families and children then go to the polls and show the corrupt PPP/C that their days are over. That money is yours take it and keep it, you deserve it because you worked for it and when a man work for something he must get paid. Do not let the PPP/C turn you into slaves again. That is their main aims for Black Guyanese turn us into slaves, treat us bad. Got to the polls and show ththe PPP/C that we shall not allow them to make us slaves again. Do not let Cuffy down. He died so that you can be free. Do not let the Indian government make you slaves in your own land again, be vigilant Black Guyanese.

  4. Now is the time for you Mr. Granger to tell the workers what they stand to gain if you become the president. The first order of business is a 15% increase across the board irrespective of how much you earn and up to 100,000. Tell them that the promise is as good as done and they can take that promise to the bank when APNU become the ruling party and Government. 20th day of dictatorship one party rule by the PPP/C government of Guyana. Time to step up APNU tell us what you will do for public servants. Focus on that only at this time.


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