APNU questions Manickchand about teachers and their accommodation at Morawhanna, Region One

Africo Selman
Africo Selman

APNU member Africo Selman asked the Education Minister Priya Manickchand to indicate to the House, the number of teachers working at the Morawhanna School and whether in her opinion this number is adequate to deliver quality education.

She also asked the Minister to state whether this is the full complement of teachers in keeping with what is stipulated for the number of children on enrolment at that School.
In response Minister Manickchand disclosed that the school in question has three teachers and that the present enrollment of students number 72.
Manickchand explained that according to the Non- Academic Standards, the establishment for staff is one head teacher, one senior mistress and three assistant mistresses, a total of five.
She noted too that two persons have indicated their interest in teaching at the school.
The opposition member then asked the Minister whether a Living Quarters for the teachers at Morawhanna is in making and if so, how soon will this become a reality, if not, what arrangements are being put in place to alleviate the financial hardships of the teachers who have to travel back and forth to the school.
In addressing this question Manickchand related that the establishment of a Living Quarters for teachers at Morawhanna is indeed on the agenda and should be budgeted for next year.
She said in the interim, a proposal was put to the Regional Democratic Council to remove the existing building at the Unity Square to be relocated at Morawhanna for the Teachers.
She told the house that the Regional Administration tried to secure a building to rent at Morawhanna but none were found.
Meantime, Manickchand said in order to alleviate the financial hardships of the teachers who have to travel long distances a $30,000 accommodation allowance is recommended. [Royan Abrams]


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