APNU protestors march in silence to mourn “the death of democracy” in Guyana

Opposition Leader, David Granger leads the protest. [iNews' Photo]


APNU Protestors outside the Office of the President today, Tuesday December 09, 2014. [iNews' Photo]
APNU Protestors outside the Office of the President today, Tuesday December 09, 2014. [iNews’ Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com] –Supporters and sympathizers of the political opposition, particularly A Partnership for National Unity today (December 09), continued their protest action outside the Office of the President but this time there were no loud chanting nor did protesters carry any placards.

Demonstrators who were mostly cladded in black marched silently; symbolic to the mourning of the death of democracy in Guyana.

But Opposition Leader David Granger believes it is more than symbolic; he explained that it marks the mood of majority of Guyanese who feel that democracy is not alive here.

Granger said the accumulative impact of President Donald Ramotar’s last three addresses, which saw the prorogation of Parliament and more recently a promise to call early general elections next year, have contributed to the death of democracy.

“Its accumulative impact has killed democracy, it is the death of the 10th Parliament and the death of the trust people had in the PPP Executive,” Granger added.

While the President’s promise to call elections early next year, ahead of its 2016 due date, has been welcomed by the Opposition, it feels the President is still buying time and should have announced a date already to bring an end to the abnormal situation where Guyana is being governed with a non-functional Parliament.

Opposition Leader, David Granger leads the protest. [iNews' Photo]
Opposition Leader, David Granger leads the protest. [iNews’ Photo]
The Private Sector Commission (PSC) had made a proposal to the Opposition to end the almost three year gridlock which was escalated when the Opposition brought a No – Confidence Motion against the government.

Yesterday, the PSC expressed disappointment that the proposal was not considered by the Opposition.

In response, Granger said today that the proposal was one that should have been addressed to the President, who blocked all the initiatives they mentioned when he prorogued Parliament on November 10.

“President Ramotar is the author of this mischief… and the PSC ought to have addressed their concerns to him,” Granger told Reporters.

The APNU has been protesting for more than two months outside the President’s Office; initially its cause was geared towards putting pressure on the President to name a date for long overdue local government elections but after November 10 it became what has been referred to as a pro – democracy protest.



  1. andrew u educating someone? wow..what will u educate him on , eating some of that burnham horse shit you eat on a daily basis? lol

  2. if was wpa protesting during burnham time ,house of Israel would a been there dropping some big stick on them! that is democracy , burnham-style.

  3. Desmond Hoyte had no mandate to rule period.
    Bunham hooked with UF once and at all times he ruled he had absolute no mandate to rule period.
    Power hungry gluts rigged all their so called election to remain in power with the blessing of US UK CARICOM.

  4. Let it be known that democracy was restored in Guyana in 1992 by the PPP after Hoyte remained illegally in power for two long years after elections were constitutionally due in Guyana.

    Granger and the PNC can protest as much as they want, it is their right to do so. The PNC took decades to realize that peaceful protests and now “march in silence” may work in their favour. It is the best way to get your message out, even though it may be irrelevant. Hopefully the PNC will come to their senses sooner and realize that talking and dialogue also works in one’s favour.

  5. Just to educate you ,,,when i was out fighting crime you were in your home hiding,,,I am aware you have nothing you can say ,you did for your nice Guyana ,,i have a lot,,jack ass when Alberttown station was shot up go find out the TRUTH who did it ,,and go watch the videos from the news who was at the station and took charge of it,,and who took the dead cop to the hospital not you and your ppp brothers,,it was me,,i could go much deeper into much of the wicked things your Government did but sorry i can smile and know you have nothing in your head or in your heart for Guyana must take some time and work to make Guyana a safe place,,i would love to meet you and gray in person ,,,

  6. Between 1990 to 1992 Desmond Hoyte had no mandate to rule but he did,,
    Our constitution provides for our parliament for porogation, ,
    Which is democratic?
    How u think could have protested in front of Burnham office.
    Granger went several occasions and met the army officials to discuss matters of his interest, do u think Rodney could have done that?
    Kochore news u can buy and read openly but u could not have done so under the PnC ask Rupert roonarine,,,.
    Better don’t make find u with a mirror news paper
    APNU understand laws of the jungle, not democracy

  7. Announcement, Announcement! Let all the blind haters hear, DEMOCRACY IS ALIVE AND WELL !!! We the lovers of Guyana are still mourning the death of peaceful builders/developers of Guyana. On may 11th Andrew, Compton Cambridge, and four other gun men invaded and killed Ramdeo Persaud, and his wife Mahadai Persaud (sita) with the the instruction of their PNC leader. All because of Polictal power. During the said time C. Cambridge shot and killed detective Harry Kooseeran, while he was in search of black policemen (seen as slave to the PPP) and Government Officials. On May 30th the said group of criminals (two car loads) sprayed Albert Town Police Station with bullets. Where those guns came from?? Andrew know!,
    Andrew, has a wealth of experience, and knowledge of our indian girls.
    Andrew stated, “indian girls got phantom men and drugs men”. He also claimed to know the leader of some “PHANTOM SQUAD” Andrew you need to state what you know about Mervyn Barran murder!
    On April 12th 2001, 6am, Bibi Nazmoon Khan was attacked, beaten, brutalize, and striped naked by your terrorist group, during your protest, rioting, burning down of Indian Businesses, refusing to accept GECOM announcement.
    Andrew, you need to state how many phantom squad members you know, based on the amount of indian girls that take those phantom men, that you claimed to know.
    Andrew, The FBI would be interested to know the names of all the drug lords you boasted of. Are you one of them? Are you living at 32 middle walk, Friendship, East Coast, Demerara, Guyana?

  8. ”Granger said today that the proposal was one that should have been addressed to the President, who blocked all the initiatives they mentioned when he prorogued Parliament on November 10.” (This is in relation the the PSC’s proposal recently) This former military man joined with AFC to bring the gov’t down with their no confidence motion. The brilliant president performed a master constitutional stroke leaving Granger and his acolytes with their mouths opened, dribbling with confusion and despair.
    Mr Granger, why did you take three weeks to respond to the President’s invitation for dialogue? Now you are blaming the President! You lack leadership and people management skills, diplomacy and want to be president. Your military background is not enough. If you want the PNC to garner more of its traditional support, resign and give the leadership to Norton. He MAY be able to do a better job

  9. The opposition don’t have a proper ground to protest that us why they are quite. Once the start to speak they will further chase the rest of their supporters away.

  10. so sad ..these marchers do not know what the word “democracy” means..
    imagine the president exercise his constitutional and democratic rights but these people are told to march for democracy.
    the little that they know..if democracy was dead in guyana they could not march.
    so sad when some people are not that educated not to know any different..
    they do as they are told blindly …its a sin for granger to lead these people astray..

  11. “President Ramotar is the author of this mischief… and the PSC ought to have addressed their concerns to him,” Granger told Reporters.”

    I agree with the PSC. Both the Government and the combined Opposition are responsible. While you few are fighting at the top the ordinary man is suffering. This is the view of the majority of Guyanese. There must be compromise somewhere, but the egos of the politicians are so big that none of them are humble to compromise. Stop the blaming game and put Guyana first everyone. Let God guides us instead of our egos.


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