APNU promises to transform Charity Village into agricultural, commercial magnet

Charity market located in the Pomeroon River area
Charity market located in the Pomeroon River area

[www.inewsguyana.com] – A Partnership for National Unity says the Charity village in the Pomeroon River will be transformed into an agricultural market and a commercial magnet for the riverine area, should the Party win the national elections.

The APNU said it held a well-attended mid-morning rally at the Charity market where the Partnership’s leader David Granger made this commitment.

Granger was a part of a team of speakers including Parliamentarians, Dr. George Norton and Renitta Williams along with APNU regional members Wazir Latiff and Takecahnd Ramnauth.

The speakers condemned the decline of riverine farming communities under the People’s Progressive Party controlled Regional Democratic Council (RDC) and the neglect of the community itself by the dysfunctional Charity-Urasara Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC).

According to the APNU, the sub-region’s economy is based on farming but problems plague residents.

“Transportation of commodities by river-boat to the main market at Charity is costly and farmers, mostly Amerindians, are forced to overnight in ‘rough’ conditions at the waterfront.

“Production costs are high, commodity prices are low, sales are uncertain and competition from contraband, foreign-manufactured goods is driving local goods off the market,” the APNU release noted.IMG_0892

The frequent flooding of riverine farms was highlighted and blamed on central government’s failure to dredge the mouth of the Pomeroon River which is forcing families to flee the villages to seek a living on the Essequibo Coast.

“Charity, itself, is an unsightly mess. The place is littered with garbage, streets are congested and traffic is chaotic.”

Calls where then made by APNU speakers for “new regional and neighborhood councils to take office after the forthcoming general and regional elections.”

Granger said that life could be better. He accused the PPPC administration of “gross mismanagement and of not having the vision to develop the community which has the potential to be a profitable commodity market and an export platform for farm produce.”





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