APNU log export ban is to help its backers – Jagdeo

Former President, Bharrat Jagdeo

Jagdeo[www.inewsguyana.com] – At the recent weekend Linden Rally in Region 10, former President Dr. Bharrat Jagdeo warned Lindeners of an impending plan by the political opposition to ban logging. During his remarks Dr. Jagdeo noted that the decision was motivated by APNU Executive Ronald Bulkan.

Dr. Jagdeo at the time also responded to comments made by APNU’s Presidential Candidate, David Granger at the Guyana Manufactures and Services Association Luncheon where Mr. Granger stated “We must ensure that we also at the same time discourage the export of our raw materials”.

He added that the “APNU-AFC Government will reward people who can manufacture rather than just cutting down and digging out”.

However, Dr. Jagdeo stated “we promise that we want to preserve 99.5 percent of our forest, its part of our Low Carbon Development Strategy that was tabled in the National Assembly, but in the 0.5 percent of forest we can increase logging and even more people will have income”.

“They plan to ban logging, they plan to ban exports of logs and you know if they do that what will happen to Region 10, the tens of thousands of people whose lives depend on forestry….listen to them, they plan to do this”, the former Head of State said.

“He (Ganger) is being led by the nose by Bulkan and others were doing furniture until they became bankrupt and then they tried to get us to invest and when we refused they run to the PNC. They want logs banned so they will get it cheap for their furniture”, Dr. Jagdeo pointed out.  

Meanwhile, stakeholders within the forest sector, especially small loggers most of whom are from Linden have begun to express apprehension over the recent and long standing comments by both APNU and AFC over the past three years to ban the exportation of logs.




  1. PNC has been using the Lindeners over and over again. Look at how they used their youths and then discard of them. Sharma Solomon was used for the campaign then toss aside, his name was deleted from all party list. Those Bamsy women names was deleted too, poor Vanessa Kissoon.
    PNC MURDERED their own Minister Vincent Teekah because of those same Lindeners. Sharma Solomon need to come to us now! We will treat him with respect and dignity.

  2. You are missing the point… if lumber prices drop which person with an axe and a chainsaw will be able to survive? they want to lower timber prices so they (bulkan)can make enormous amounts of profits, thats what Bulkan wants to do. they (bulkan) have forestry concessions, why dont they log themselves for the timber they need for their furniture?? why cut foreign currency earnings for the country? right now there are 100s of small loggers who depend on a couple logs per day to earn a living, so effectively by doing it the Granger and Bulkan way, you are telling the small guys no more work for them…. some nerve i tell ya……

  3. Hey Mr Lewis:
    Can I lend you a thinking cap Sir?
    You are eating Bulkan’s crap which came direct from the manure pile.
    And to think the man’s name is ‘Bulkan’….ha ha ha.

  4. Brazil is doing over 30 BILLION dollars business with China.
    CANADA is doing over 2 Billions.
    Hello Granger, r u in your right mind?
    You are cutting taxes.
    You are banning exports.
    You are doing everything if you get elected.
    How can you sustain a country with this kind of thoughtless plan Sir?
    Your advisers are nothing but welfare recipients and looking for jobs.
    You and Forbes Burnham gave us the black hole that sucks the country bone dry of its life line.
    Will the people fall for all these lies?
    No sir, they will send you people to the curb on garbage pickup day.

  5. dem bulkans dis is very bitter people yeah..dem islike me fend dem who hate ppp..when asked why dem hate ppp..dem said is better pnc rule because wen pnc rule we de doing we own thing while passing we hand..someone must ask bulkan why he really give up de furniture thing..paying your fair share is a terrible terrible thing yeah no matter how rich u are..ask de mooklall man..they want pnc..they know pnc dont know economics..they know once they give a pnc top dog a 5 dollar they get to do their thing..even jim jones knew it how pnc works..

  6. Why does INEWS continuously refer to Mr. Bharrat Jagdeo as Dr. Jagdeo? He has an honorary doctorate conferred on him by a Russian University and as such is not a real doctor. Prime Minister Sam Hinds had an honorary doctorate conferred on him from the University of New Brunswick, Canada, but INEWS (and no one else) do not refer to him as Dr. Hinds.

    Dr. Cheddi Jagan was a real doctor.

  7. Hahahahaha preach it Dr. Jagdeo! Expose all their plans and show the country how greedy and thirsty for power they all are. This opposition is not to be trusted! Their evil plans and wicked intentions must be revealed! The PPP started the positive development of this country and it is only fitting that they continue and finish what they started…. The CRAPNU and AFC want to inherit all the hard word the PPP has done and then tell us that they were responsible for fixing Guyana and the economy. This economy is thriving and doesn’t need fixing, it’s the fastest growing economy in the Caribbean. Yet the opposition wants to derail the PPP plans for improving further development. I say NO! We can’t take the risk of putting the interests of this country in the hands of people who have no clue about governance and who have failed before at their opportunity they had.


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