APNU files motion to reduce toll of Berbice Bridge


[www.inewsguyana.com]A motion filed by executive member of A Partnership for National Unity (APNU), Joseph Harmon to the Clerk of the National Assembly is seeking to have the toll reduced at the Berbice River Bridge.

According to the motion, “The toll for crossing the Berbice River is exceedingly high when compared to a similar crossing of the Demerara River by the Demerara Harbour Bridge and represents a significant devolution of wealth from the people of Berbice in particular to the benefit of a private company.”

In the motion, the APNU is calling on the Government to instruct its representative on the Board of Directors of the Berbice Bridge Company Inc to demand an immediate reduction in tolls charged.

The following image is a proposed toll by the APNU:


Category Present Rates Proposed  Rates


Motor Cars $2200 $1000
Mini Buses $2200 $1000
Motor Cycles $200 Free
Four-wheel drive/SUVs/Pick-ups $4000 $3000
SUVs and pick-ups pulling a boat for recreational  activities $4000 $3000
Four-wheel drives, SUVs and pick-ups  pulling horse buggies $4000 $3000
Four-wheel drives/ SUVs / pick-ups transporting BBQ Grills, coolers $4000 $3000
50-seater bus $12,800 $9000
30-seater bus $7,200 $6000
Large Trucks $13,600 $10000





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