APNU continues protest action outside President’s Office

APNU Leader, David Granger and Member, Ronald Bulkan at the picket line.
APNU Leader, David Granger and Member, Ronald Bulkan at the picket line.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – The Opposition coalition – A Partnership for National Unity (APNU), continued its protest actions outside the Office of the President, Georgetown this morning where the weekly Cabinet meeting is in session. 

This is the fourth consecutive week that APNU supporters, led by APNU Leader David Granger and other Parliamentarians are protesting outside OP.

Granger had explained that the protest is being held on Tuesdays which is Cabinet day. “We are sending a message to the PPP, the central government and the executive that we are fed up waiting for local government elections,” Granger had said.

This picketing exercise forms part of APNU’s strategy to mobilize local, national and international support as pressure is on the President to announce a date for the holding of long overdue local government elections.

Today, the APNU team was seen sharing leaflets to persons as they passed.

Some of the protestors in front Office of the President, Vlissengen Road entrance.
Some of the protestors in front Office of the President, Vlissengen Road entrance.

Granger has  defended his protests actions which started roughly a month ago; dispelling charges that it has been in futility and contrite. He told reporters on Friday last “constant dripping wears away a stone.”

Granger says he has started to see the desired results from his protest actions.

“There is a deeper understanding of the issues at stake… I don’t think it should be measured by numbers, it should be managed by peoples understanding and people demand for their just deserts.”

He said he has the support of the diplomatic community and other civil groups.

Last week’s protest saw the participation of Blue Caps, headed by its Chairman, Clinton Urling.

Speaking on the Radio Program ‘Hard Talk’ at the weekend, Alliance for Change (AFC) Executive Cathy Hughes had said that her Party supports the APNU in their calls for LGE. Despite the AFC signaling its intension to go ahead with a no confidence motion which once successful could see general elections, Hughes says if the date for LGE was announced as tomorrow her Party would be ready to participate.




  1. PPP should be protesting as well for them to pass the anti money laundering bill! Imagine the gumption of Ranger!! Guyanese people I telling you, think twice about putting these people in power, they were clues 50 years ago and they are still out of debt in regards to the running of a country. Just look around and be honest with yourselves, is there not growth, progress and an ever improving economy during the last 20 years?? Please look at what the likes go Greenidge and Granger have done by emasculating firstly the pnc but also this country’s economy. There mindset and thought process hasn’t changed, so how can they preach success when they know absolutely nothing about being successful???

  2. graingah looks like he hanging by a thread health wise…leave the old gdf man let he have his 16 minutes of fame..
    graingah know him cant win election with he 30% support base…
    he gat to do what he is doing to make look like he really really fighting for pnc die hard supporters ….

  3. APNU has the democratic right to protest peacefully. Knowing that outfit, I fear that that peaceful protest is just limethecalm before the storm. They have been quiet for quite some time and that quietness is worrying. We have witnessed many times over they have no respect for the rule of law and one does not have to be a rocket scientist to predict what they are capable of. Hope the security services are always on the alert for any eventuality

  4. where is khemraj? where is ramayya? where is passion maan moses[mr shut yuh so and so mouth;always vex]? apnu always out in full strength to back them when they have their protest. now why are they not reciprocating? at least the presidential candidate for the afc, passion maan moses[mr shut yuh so and so mouth; always vex] should have been there.


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