APNU Coalition partner JFAP concedes defeat; congratulates PPP/C on victory


The Justice for All Party (JFAP), a partner in the A Partnership for National Unity (APNU), has conceded to defeat at the 2020 General and Regional Elections.

See below full statement by founding member of the Party, CN Sharma:

The Justice For All Party was formed by myself and wife many years ago with one main fundamental truth, to highlight the struggles and to fight for the improvement of life for the poor and voiceless Guyanese.

Coming from a humble background from Enmore on the ECD, where my father was a well-respected pandit and my mother a simple homemaker, it was instilled in my upbringing to give help and treat my neighbours equally, regardless of race.

With many jobs in my youth to survive -from selling oranges, tailoring and later a mechanic and refrigerator technician, one thing was always certain in my understanding of life; my desire and need to help people.

Always a risk taker and fearless to stand up for my beliefs.

The last 30 years have by far been my most interesting years. I created my local television show “Justice for All” which appealed to Guyanese from Every walk of Life.

This outlet gave me a chance to really make a difference, to represent the many unheard voices in Guyana. The struggles of all ethnicities in Guyana were highlighted and, in most cases, many received the necessary attention to have positive feedback.

20 years ago, turning to the world of Guyana politics was unavoidable. Voices were being highlighted but action was necessary!

Leader of the JFAP, CN Sharma

A little party- with a big voice, I pushed ahead to make a difference in our society, in my country Guyana. I faced many ups and downs along the way. Many a times I was ridiculed and humiliated. I was threatened and dragged through the courts. But my will, my patriotism and my love for country never once wavered!

The last 5 years the JFAP joined the Coalition APNU/ AFC government to make a difference for Guyanese and to help the poor and often voiceless people of Guyana. For this we are thankful for the opportunity to have been able to serve.

Guyana is a democratic country where our people have the freedom to vote, freedom to elect a new government every 5 years and interestingly enough Our people have the freedom to be disappointed in the outcome of an election too.

With that being said, an Election has taken place under the watchful eyes of local and international observers. A National recount was carried out under the eyes of CARICOM.

All votes were counted. There is a clear winner.

The recount shows that the PPP/C has won the election. Therefore, Mr. Irfaan Ali should be allowed to be sworn in without delay.

I am appealing to the persons who are determined on delaying the process of a declaration.

It has been an exhausting 108 days for all the sons and daughters of this Nation. Enough is enough I say! It is time for Guyana to move on!

The people of this country are starving and suffering due to unemployment caused by the pandemic. The country needs its government to make decisions. This is a time we must be strong and stand together. I simply cannot remain silent on this any longer- my love for country is unwavering.

Whether we stand on the side of majority or the side of minority- we are all Guyanese.

The Justice For All Party will continue to represent and serve the thousands of poor and voiceless Guyanese and will work tirelessly to ensure the prosperity of Guyana always.