APNU/AFC supporters assault media workers, observers

APNU/AFC supporters threatening a local observer.
APNU/AFC supporters threatening a local observer.

Supporters of the APNU/AFC coalition yesterday harassed, verbally assaulted and even attempted to physically attack media workers as well as observers who were within the vicinity of the various offices of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM).

The assaults started outside of the GECOM’s Command Centre at High and Hadfield Streets, where a large crowd of coalition supporters had gathered while the vote tabulation process had resumed.

They were hurling distasteful remarks and verbally assaulting members of the media who were there to provide coverage on the proceedings.

Observers and political party representatives also faced a hard time getting pass the crowd of supporters who were behaving in a hostile manner.

Then, at the GECOM’s Headquarters at High Street, threats and verbal attacks continued, in the presence of police officers who did little to nothing to control the situation.

Later in the evening, members of the media were verbally abused and one reporter narrowly escaped a physical attack from the APNU/AFC supporters.

In fact, they were even prevented from accessing GECOM’s Headquarters to provide coverage to the declaration of the results for Region Four by the Returning Officer, Clairmont Mingo.

All of this unfolded in the presence of police officers who did nothing to safeguard the lives of the media workers.

The Guyana Press Association, in a statement today, condemned these acts.