APNU/AFC objected to every proposal to boost public confidence – PPP

Stakeholders entering the Arthur Chung Conference Centre for a meeting on the upcoming recount.

See full statement from PPP:

The APNU+AFC continues to peddle lies and distortions about the recount process. Even as the process is about to begin, they still continue.

Today, they repeated their fabricated contention that the PPP will challenge the start of the
recount process in the courts. Again, the PPP rejects this bizarre lie and wishes to reiterate that it is the PPP which has led the struggle for the recount process to take place; while the APNU+AFC has been doing everything possible, including going to court, to prevent and derail the recount.

The world knows that they have a vested interest in preventing the true results of the elections from being disclosed and would much prefer Mingo’s fraudulent declaration to prevail. The PPP will continue, along with other stakeholders, the International and the Diplomatic Community and the decent citizens of this country, to do everything possible to protect our democracy and ensure that the recount is done credibly and transparently.

On the other hand, it should not surprise anyone that Joseph Harmon and Amna Ally, representing the APNU+AFC, were the only persons at the meeting held today by GECOM, who objected to live-streaming of the recount and called for a prohibition of the use of cellphones by persons participating in the process.

Indeed, they objected to every proposal made by all the other political parties, intended to boost public confidence in and add credibility and transparency to, the recount process.

David Patterson, who was also present and who later spoke to the press, provided the most asinine reason for opposing live-streaming. He said that it is for the protection of the employees. How live-streaming could be hazardous to the employees of GECOM, Patterson failed to explain.

This is yet another idiotic attempt at removing transparency from the process. The recounting is a public exercise and having regard to the attempted fraud by the rigging cabal to steal the Government, public scrutiny which the livestream will provide, is

Only those who intend to continue the perpetration of fraud would object this type of public oversight.

These people simply have no shame!