APNU/AFC Govt spent millions on wrong anesthetic machine for New Amsterdam Hospital – MP

The New Amsterdam Hospital in Region Six (East Berbice Corentyne)

The former APNU/AFC reportedly spent millions of dollars to procure an anesthetic machine for the New Amsterdam Hospital, however the equipment purchased was the wrong one.

This was revealed by Government Member of Parliament (MP) Dr. Vishwa Mahadeo on Tuesday, during Day Two of the 2020 Budget Debates.

“Mr. Speaker, here’s a shocker; an example of how the APNU+AFC government functioned: there was a new anesthetic machine that was bought for millions of dollars – sole-sourced! This new anesthetic machine has never been used, and cannot be used in the New Amsterdam Public Hospital…

“But do you know, Mr. Speaker, why it cannot be used? It cannot be used because it is an anesthetic machine that is to be used for veterinary services – to put animals to sleep for surgical intervention,” the parliamentarian revealed.

He explained that in total, the PPP government inherited over 5 anesthetic machines from the previous administration, including the veterinary one.

He said the other four were not working and had to be fixed by a biomedical engineer.

Dr Vishwa Mahadeo

INews was not in receipt of any response from the APNU/AFC regarding the statements made by the parliamentarian.

The New Amsterdam Hospital has for some time been plagued with controversies.

During a recent visit to Region Six, President Dr Irfaan Ali told reporters that the operations of that Hospital will be investigated in light of the numerous allegations made against the public health institution.