APNU/AFC “alarmed” over attack at home of CJ

Chief Justice (Ag) Roxane George, SC

The APNU/AFC, in a statement moments ago, said it is alarmed by reports of an attack at the residence of Chief Justice (ag) Roxane George.

According to the coalition, this is “an extremely troubling development”.

The attack on the home of the Chief Justice comes one day before she is scheduled to preside over the case management hearing of the two election petitions filed by the APNU/AFC Coalition.

The APNU/AFC has since called on the Guyana Police Force and the State to provide heightened 24-hour security for the Chief Justice to ensure her safety and protection and that she is able to proceed with the case management and hearing of the Elections Petitions without hindrance.

The APNU/AFC Coalition said it is eager for the case management to be completed and the Election Petitions to be heard without any delay.

Opposition Leader Joseph Harmon

A man who was armed with a toy gun this afternoon showed up at the house of the CJ.

The Guyana Police Force, in a statement, said two police ranks were on duty when the incident occurred at around 14:00hrs.

Reports are that a female officer left the hut and went to the washroom when she was confronted by man who was wearing a black short pants and a white jersey tied around his face. The intruder was armed with what a appeared to be a black handgun.

The suspect approached the cop and pointed the gun at her. He then fired a punch in her direction, but missed.

The female cop then alerted her male colleague, who rushed to her assistance. The intruder then pointed the gun in the male cop’s direction, prompting the officer to take cover.

However, the intruder then dropped the object and escaped by jumping over a fence.
No shots were fired and no one was injured.

The object was picked up and is suspected to be toy gun. It has been lodged. Investigations are ongoing.