APNU, AFC agree on strategy to address No Confidence Motion

Opposition members in Parliament
Opposition members in Parliament

[www.inewsguyana.com] – A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) and the Alliance For Change (AFC) met yesterday (Wednesday, November 05) where they decided on a way forward as it relates to the No Confidence Motion, which is slated to be dealt with in the National Assembly on Monday, November 10.

The meeting between the combined Opposition comes a day after President Donald Ramotar threatened to call General and Regional elections if the Opposition forces the No Confidence Motion in the National Assembly.

In a media release issued last evening, the two sides noted that the meeting “concretized their position” on the motion; however specific details were not revealed.

Representing the APNU were Leader of the Opposition Brigadier David Granger, Dr. Rupert Roopnarine, Basil Williams, Amna Ally, Carl Greenidge, Joseph Harmon, Ronald Bulkan, Winston Felix and Dr. George Norton.

Representing the AFC were Khemraj Ramjattan, Moses Nagamootoo, Cathy Hughes, David Patterson and Michael Carrington. The Parties will continue their discussions on Friday November 07.


  1. PPP have its own citizens? Thats new,and they have PNC citizens i would think is all Guyanese you brain dead RACEST cockroach. Until the people of Guyana vote for the leader and government that work for all the people in the country, nothing good will happen, we had the PNC for too long and now PPP and nothing good in going on in the country. Just look at simple basics running water,in every home,drains that have not been filled with every trash you can think off,sidewalks that we can walk on, and laws that work for all, a country free of the drug lords and murders that life like lords, only then, ppl are safe and can live life, with a strong leader and a opposition that will not include the past members or the two parties only then something will happen, Guyana is a great country, lets all vote for a leader the next time you have a chance,

  2. de party will continue dis-cussing on friday-satyrday-sunday-monday-tuesday dem will stop dis-cussing..one party gone for good and that party is the AFC..AFC proved to be a RACIST political party from the day if formed with Trotman and Ramjattan..Trotman taking fiest crack at leadership role when they were told to hand over the money to US political Guru Dick Morris so he will make them win..
    Well Tratman didnt win…all he got was some PNC disgruntled supporters to vote for him…Then AFC played the race card with Miss Gomatie Singh by flinging her under the bus in favor of Chantal Smith.. Then second time around the blacks in AFC wanted to bypass Ramjattan.for leadership role and give it back to Tratman..They thought they could also throw Ramjattan and Rotation under the bus untile some big time East Indian money donors holler..Second time around..Ramjattan realize no one votes for him so he went on his knees and suck Ragamoottoo ting until he joined AFC who then get some disgruntled PPP votes..Nigel and Cathy Hughes can get the big time East Indian money donors to back them so they are out..Ragamoottoo cant lead AFC this time around since he allowed his good black buddy Nigel Hughes to perpetrate serious atrocities on East Indian people on Agricola Public Road..Ramjatan andRagamoottoo stood by and watched asEast Indians were beaten robbed and sexually molested by PNC thugs..If anyone think PPP cant protect its citizens then take a serious and deadly look at what will happen if any of these men were to ever become leader of this Nation…They all know PNC cant wint with its 30% support base..


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