Any attack on Syria at this point will be unjustified – Pres. Ramotar tells Venezuela TV

President of Guyana, Donald Ramotar.
President of Guyana, Donald Ramotar.

President Donald Ramotar said that the United Nations inspectors must be allowed to complete their investigations into reports that the Syrian government is using chemical weapons against its people.

The Head of State during a live interview with Venezuela’s state-TV Telasur on Thursdayevening said that any decision on how to deal with the Syrian government must be made by the UN and not any other individual or single country.

“ We believe an immediate attack on Syria will be unjustified, we believe that we need to wait on the investigations of the United Nations Inspectors, before we can have any idea who are carrying out the attack, we know that in the past, it has been reported that the opposition forces used chemical weapons, so we are not convinced or we are not sure who are the ones that actually used chemical weapons, I myself find it a bit difficult to understand why the Syrian government will want to use that weapon against its people, when they would know that that would have invited an attack on their country. The Syrian government was advancing and winning the battle, so I find it hard to believe that they want to jeopardize their own gains they have been making in war that is taking place…so any decision taken, must be taken by the UN,” the president said.

The Guyanese Head of State noted that a war in Syria will have significant effects on not only the Middle East, but many other countries around the world that depend on the region for oil supplies.

“The economic impact would impact on those of us, particularly the non-oil producing countries because it’s very clear that already we are seeing from just the threat of the war, we are seeing the price of oil going up on the world mark, so I think it will have devastating economic impact,” he said.

President Ramotar believes the planned attacks on Syria are far deeper than economic issues and may very well be in relation to military reasons, pointing out that Russia’s largest Military base is located in Syria.

The President is hoping for a speedy resolution to the Syrian crisis and urged that Syria be allowed to make their decisions.




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